Shane’s World

Ok, all the pervs who got that, raise your hands.

Whoa. You people are sick!

Shane obviously is an H2 lurker

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Big Berb Friday!!!!!ONE!!!!!!!!

Herro. I’m speaking Chinese now and going to meet our new overlords next month. I’m going to bring a picture of Wiser and me and tell everyone that I know Bill Clinton. I’m also going to eat lizard dusted pig face with a light, foamy spider leg reduction with a big bottle of grapefruit Shasta. It’s what they like, according to a book I’ve been reading about Chinese culture, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


I wrote this song for Victoria LeGrand a few years ago during a drug fueled… You know I’m going to admit something here; I didn’t really write all of the songs that I’ve claimed to. But this isn’t like the time I posted a super hot trans dude and fooled you idiots into thinking he was a girl. These lies were for the simple pleasure of making you weirdos lust after she cock. No wait…that was still the tranny. These lies were about artistic expression. Big titties and veiny wiener art. Nope, still tranny. Welp, looking back on all of my lies, I guess I’m just a liar. A Brazilian barely legal butt licking frottage obsessed liar.



Today’s model does not have a penis, does not top, and will not slap you in the face with her girl meat if you’re into that sort of thing. I swear to god with my hand on a stack of giant, lady boner bibles that Ann Denise does not have a ding-a-ling. Swearsies.



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A Crazy Ride

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The Hostages, Giffffffyyyyyyy


You’ll poke your eye out, kid.


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F for F-fort

Here’s some bullshit I thought was funny for you to ignore while you talk about being angry about pirates buggering each other on a teevee show or something in the comments. Enjoy!
You should actually pay attention to this because this band kicks ass.

Oh, and these guys, too.

Big Food Thursday

Hello fowl cavity stuffers, and welcome to Big Food Thursday.

I hope everybody gets to their destinations safely and has a nice dinner with little to no looting and burning.  The Buffalones will be spending a quiet day at home grazing on the bounty of this land and feeling thankful for all of our blessings.

So, don’t forget to mix in some fiber-rich vegetables with your meal to make tomorrow a little smoother.

Check in when you can and let us know how many indians.