Monday Morning Mushrooms – 3,14159.00

Happy Martin (LK) Mushroom Monday!!

Whose turn is it to make breffiss?

Everything pies are always a great way to celebrate MLK Day amirite?

For the bacon and eggs crowd – here ya go, ya boring bastards.

Now onward and upward to mushroom stuff that MJ (aka Mushroom Junkie) soooo looks forward to on a crisp and beautiful Monday morning.

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Good morning, and welcome to another edition of Hunky Hump Day. No half-mast anything, please. Let’s get started.

Now for the hunks. Fake redhead for Carin.

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MMM 352: New Monday, New You

Just based on appearance, I would’t eat these.

Now I know it’s the second week of January, so your resolutions are probably toast already.  But it’s the first MONDAY of the new year, and every Monday is a new beginning.  Maybe you’ve stumbled, maybe there were setbacks, maybe you still had Christmas cookies laying around, it’s okay.  It happens.  Begin again.

2019: Feliz Año Nuevo

Happy New Year

I’ll throw something up while JamJam is working off his hangover.

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