Well, I’ll be…

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Some of these are just ripe for captioning… let your imagination set you freeeeee!

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Mew Mew Mew

Mornin’ folks. As I cannot face unmitigated reality for more than a few hours at a time, and I spent most of Saturday at work doing the work thing, I spent the balance of the weekend in the escapist fantasy of Fallout: New Vegas, because I haven’t yet had the stomach to get the evil ending (i.e. siding with the slaver nation against the rest of civilization). As I’m starved for new content until there’s another Skyrim, I’ve dived back into this particular game with gusto. Ah, video games. I’m going to miss them when the EMPocalypse destroys all our modern electronics and we never hear from each other again.

Until that time, know that you are precious to me, and wonder about what good you’ll be to the world when the power goes out for a few decades.

Now, let’s get our hair in order.
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Is the NSA onto us?

I awoke to give my wakey wakey, but the comments are closed.

So I figure they’re onto us.

Well, we’re all fraked at this point, so may as well go full Monty.

Obama spent yesterday golfing:

Bright sunny day with low humidity for golf. Pool rolled from the White House at 11:24. Potus spotted in a white polo, khaki shorts and flip flops as he exited the White House. Potus arrived at the clubhouse at Fort Belvoir at 11:54.

And Tuesday he is attending to one of the more pressing issues of our time.

Climate change.

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