Hostage Summary – January 31, 2011

When Hostages Drink.


Well, yesterday (Sunday) was a regular testosterone fest, with most of the day’s comments pertaining to generators, electricity, and snow/ice removal.  Most of the Hostagettes beat a hasty retreat from the discussion; occasionally one of the ladies would peek in, but they didn’t stick around for long. 

We are all happy that Cuffy and his missus were able to get out of Egypt and Jordan before the SHTF.  It sure does look like things are going to be messy over there for a while.

Best tweet of the day (h/t arabist):  “A friend in Cairo:  The government can take away my freedom, but if they take away my internet porn, they’re going down.” 

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Guy:“Double Dream Hands!!” Rosetta:*machine gun fire*

There is just enough time before today’s summary post for you to learn how to do this dance.

Once you learn how to do that dance, drink a bunch of anti-freeze and then go lay down for a nap.



I would like to introduce Mare’s new kitty cat.  Yet to be officially named but cute nonetheless.  Edward Kittyhands?


Let’s see Rosie turn this into a sitcom.

Sunday Stupid


I would embed this video but the pieces of shit at Sony Music Entertainment only want you to watch it on YouTube.  They have seriously prevented 75% of all music videos from being embedded here and I would like to take this opportunity to tell them to go fuck themselves.

Russian Cossack soldiers from the 40s.  Hit it Run!


Click the pic to read some TwitchNuts snark on the everything bagel.



It’s better on a bigger screen so double-click it to see it on full screen mode.




The first Hostage reality show

And, Hostages take over The Learning Channel

Hostage Summary – January 29, 2011

UncleFacts has gone to be with his mother, who is in the end stages of a valiant battle with Brain Cancer.  Hospice has told the family that her passing is imminent.  Please keep UncleFacts and his family in your prayers at this difficult time.

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Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

The worst t-shirt ever.

Saturday Morning Trip To Lefties Hall of Shame. Hold your nose!

Do yourself a favor today, and feel better for it … punch a libtard in the poon!

As it has been demanded, so let it be done.

Starting this post with a cherished theme.

And ending this post with something less.

British Invasion

Yeah, I know. . . Mare hates the Beatles. The Fab Four may have started the British Invasion, but they were not the onlyiest band that made an impact on my youth. Here are some others;

Peter & Gordon


Some of this was really excellent music

Gerry and The Pacemakers

The original bad boys of British rock. . . it wouldn’t be the last time girls screamed

Heck, they even allowed some birds into the act

Dusty Springfield


So, now you know. More than the Beatles. . . right, Mare?