Shut Up and Take My Money

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Mur’furgin Monday Mammanhamma

Greetings, caffeinated colleagues. It’s the last Monday in July, and I know you’re as surprised as I am. Summer seems to be rushing by. I blame the near-constant rain and the continued political nightmare we endure with “Recovery Summer 4” (or is it 5?).

I could use a little perking up before facing the week. No word on the other job yet, but the HR lady who’s supposed to call isn’t due back in the office until next week.

Abs and jeans.
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Summer in Texas

This isn’t Moses.  But this is how he feels.


The purple sage asploded this weekend.

IMG_0939 (330x440)

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FAQs for the Columbus Day Texas Moron Meetup and Five Million Hits Celebration

Have you ever noticed that the “FA” in FAQs is almost always fraudulent? The questions are not necessarily “frequently asked,” they are just those which the vendor thinks you should be asking, and wants you to know the answer, whether you thought of them or not.

In that spirit of disingenuity, I offer the following FAQs regarding the Columbus Day Texas Moron Meet-Up And Five Million Hits Celebration™, hereinafter referred to as the CDTMM&FMHC.

Q: What is the event?

A: The CDTMM&FMHC. Please try to pay attention.

Q: Who came up with this idea and is the person in charge of this event?

A: Geoff.

Q: When is it going to happen?

A: The weekend of Columbus Day, October 11-14.

Q: Where will it be?

A: It will be based at my house in the mid-cities area of the Dallas Metroplex, just a short cab ride from DFW, four doors west and across the street from Tony Romo’s house.

CDTMM Party Headquarters

CDTMM Party Headquarters

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