MMM 547

Well, it’s June. I’m finally starting to see a few sprouts of things I actually want growing in the garden. Going to have to mow between my mounds at least one more time, though, and probably drag in more mulch.

Muscular lingerie to start the day.

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MMM 546

I know it’s not a meme day, but I saw this and it’s amazing.

Be the American they think you are.

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MMM 545

Intermittent rain all weekend and no “farm” stores near me had kill cones, so I only got about half my planned projects done.

Leg warmers over heels is a look, I guess.

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born February 21st, 1992 in Lviv, Ukraine. She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 383040 and 179 lbs. Please put out a snack tray for Miss Alexsis Faye aka Alexis Faye / Alexsis .

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MMM 543

May 1. My cockerels have another month.

Looks like a nice home gym.

I think she’s standing on the tub wall in a hotel.

Looks warm there.

She kicks high.

Not a home gym, and I’m not a fan of squatting ez-curl bars.

Cute smile.

I see she has her wall of crazy started.

Much better way to squat.

Big quads.

Hope you did all your end-of-month bill paying already. If not, this is a reminder.

MMM 542

Chicken poat later on today. For now, we toss out some scratch for the roosters (and curious hens, Hi Mare!).

I think this image counts as “Muscular Christianity”

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MMM 540

First Monday of Easter. No class today. Might take an early afternoon off to finish the new bird habitat.

In Easter, we remember Christmas.

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MMM 539

First Monday of April already. I gotta get the tractor finished so the little birds that aren’t so little anymore have a safe place outdoors. Eventually they’ll start flying out of the brooder if we aren’t quick about it.


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MMM 538

Last Monday of March. Make it count.

One day I hope to ask St Cyril, respectfully, why he couldn’t just teach the Slavs to use the same alphabet as the rest of us and make the best of the letters he had to mimic the sounds of their languages. It can’t have been any harder than doing the same for Gaelic.

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