Teh Handbook

Here at the rock blog we have 2 basic rules …


  • Follow the WordPress.com Terms of Service (ToS)
  • Observe the Fair Use doctrine. This is technically part of following the ToS, and it governs how copyrighted articles can be quoted and linked. In general, if you post text copied/pasted from anywhere on the web, you need to: (a) link to the original article and (b) post excerpts that are small in relation to the original work

Style Guide

  • No pictures of chicks’ bare nipples (areola is ok) or full frontal nudity should be posted
  • If you insert a picture into your poat, please, please please ‘Edit Image’ to delete the “Link URL” in its entirety. These pics bring out the evil photo spambots with a vengeance and that makes Cyn crabby like you have no idea. To do this, click on a pic and you’ll see it become highlighted with two icons appearing; click the left one that looks like a mountain, “Edit Image”, and a new window pops open. Toward the bottom is “Link URL” and below the link itself are three buttons; click the one that says “None” and it will remove the linky back to the blog. A bit below that, click “Update” and the window will close. Fin.
  • Links to nips and other material that might be out of bounds (but within the ToS, obviously) are ok as long as they’re labeled “NSFW”
  • Use the “more” tag in long poats
  • Basic html formatting for comments:
Type This To Get This
<i>Italics</i> Italics
<strong>Bold</strong> Bold
<u>Underline</u> Underline
<del>Strikethrough</del> Strikethrough
<sup>super</sup>script superscript
<sub>sub</sub>script subscript
  • The spam filter likes to trap long URLs. Use tinyurl.com or is.gd or something to shorten long URLs before posting (except if you’re linking to your own blog, you blogwhore)
  • No comments should be deleted nor typos corrected. Hear ye, hear ye. Amen

Now repeat after me …

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