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Sean gets the party started

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Surrender Is Not An Option

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Its hard to be paying attention to the travesties being compiled by “our elected officials” in Washington D.C. these days and not feel like you’re shouting into the teeth of a hurricane. Each passing day brings a fresh outrage, and it is difficult in the face of such an onslaught of offal to not start to feel that it is all part of the left’s plan. Simply pile outrage upon outrage, until they become so commonplace that many people simply fail to take notice any longer. Compound these assaults upon the rule of law and the preservation of our body politic, until even the most astute and keen observers among us are robbed of their erudite criticisms of the audacious effrontery of the Pretender-In-Chief and his gang of socialist thugs, simply because there are only so many ways to cry wolf when you are nose to snout with the beast before the warning is bled of its urgency.

The cabal of CHANGE! has stepped to the podium, and is determined to enshrine its destructive ideals and policies by simply overwhelming the opposition. As Professor Klavan so astutely warned, “SHUT UP!” is now considered a valid response by the left to any criticism. This coup would not be possible without a willing press, and decades of declining educational standards, revisionist history, and an educational doctrine that embraces moral relativism and a deep seated “Hate America First” philosophy. It has proved to be a powerful concoction. It is much easier to report a story when the audience does not understand that the story is about the burning theatre in which they are seated. In this atmosphere, it is easier to marginalize those who would raise the alarm. The left can laugh and point to its detractors, while saying to the massed audience “See? They’re always saying that! That’s just crazy talk! They are such wingnuts, and we should keep an eye on them, in case they become dangerous some day.”

It is a remarkably safe direction for the left to take. In such an environment, with the assistance of a willing media, eager to aid and abet any crimes perpetrated against the republic as long as they can be praised for their “enlightened viewpoint” and continue to be invited to all the best parties, the architects and foot soldiers of this thus far bloodless coup can operate free from fear as they look us in the eye and tell us the most brazen lies, smiling as they do so. America is being gaslighted on a national scale, and those who keep telling us that we aren’t crazy unless we let this continue are being made to appear less relevant with each passing day.

So why the brazeness? Because the left understands the Right’s inherent respect for the rule of law that the left has no use for. There are many among us who, no matter how much the left chooses to slap us in the face and steal the fruits of our labors, will remain firm in the belief that a stern look and the threat to whistle for a cop will cause the offender to cease and desist. Many on the Right are reluctant, either as an expression of good manners or a strong sense of honor, are not compelled to do anything more. Our opponents suffer from no such impairments, and while they know that there are some lines that they dare not cross…yet…their current course of action is one in which they plan to remove all avenues of escape from their increasingly overt tyrannies, so that we will be left, in the end with naught but a terrible choice, the likes of which reformed a new nation on the corpse of more American dead in a four year period than suffered in any other conflict fought by Americans. If we are at last left with such a terrible result, it will not be without careful and deliberate maneuvering by the covetous kleptocrats currently in office. We can be assured that they will do all in their power to reserve any advantage for themselves, be it the deliberate redistribution of resources, the perversion of law until the expression of their demonstrable perversion of the Constitution is illegal as well as vilified, and of course the propagandic usurpation of the moral high ground with the assistance of the sycophantic and fawning media. They will have made all possible preparations before committing their most provocative actions against the American people. And therein lies the danger for the Right. React too soon, and you are a dangerous instigator. React too late, and you are a misguided soul, doomed to an unnecessarily dangerous and destructive course of action that will forever carry the stigma of having been avoidable in a better educated society. Its quite a precarious position that the left has brought us to. An increasingly uninformed and disinterested populace, crippled with a case of societal ADHD, encourged by a Fourth Estate with a vested stake in the outcome. Shake vigorously, and suddenly America descends into a lengthy flirtation with the very notions that defy every concept formerly held dear when we were busy building the shining city on the hill so poetically invoked byour past leaders. I find myself wondering quite a lot now how the average person felt in 1860, seeing the dark clouds on the horizon, and that knowing the complex and rickety framework of compromises that merely postponed the inevitable will not be able to withstand the coming storm, and wondering what event will be the spark, what collapse will precipitate the coming chaos. Ironically, much like then, it will once again be about freedom. The freedom to live without the chains of a debt forged by representatives more eager to be liked than to make the difficult decisions we appointed them to make in our stead. The freedom to take responsibility for our own lives, and stand on our own successes or fall on our own failures. The freedom to live under a government that provides the basic services that government should, in a frugal and responsible fashion, without continually having to pay for other people’s bad choices, mistakes and failures. The freedom to live in a nation too big to fail under the weight of the weight of an irresponsible and unsustainable debt incurred bailing out those that the government deems too big to fail. The freedom to keep the fruits of our own labors and decide for ourselves how our money will be spent. The freedom to rule ourselves in an environment that does not vilify and ridicule our religion and morality to the exclusion of inferior and and hollow beliefs. The freedom to achieve and be limited only by our ambition, our dreams, and our abilities. The freedom to live without government’s hand in digging in my pocket, and taking food off my family’s table. No matter how much a worldview shaped by an inherent belief in only the base and selfish desires of the human heart tries to tell me otherwise, I will not abandon my belief that these freedoms are my birthright, and the birthright of my children, bought and paid for with the lives, fortunes, and sacred honor of those who so solumnly gave of these things to provide it to us.

And yet America sleeps, somehow failing to understand or care. Never in recent memory has such a legacy rested so heavily on the shoulders of so few people. Still, we are the ones who tend the fires, and ultimately, history will judge us for how we act in the face of such adversity. Hold Fast. Do not surrender, for if we go quietly into the night, surely the future will become a place that we would not wish upon our worst enemy, let alone our children and grandchildren.

Open Thread

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Sorry I let you down by not having a early BBF today. When I realized I had to do one I was at work. Searching the innertubes for porn stars at work is discouraged.

On to todays girl

First I stole this pic from this NOT SAFE FOR WORK site Thank you Digital Desire for having free pictures I repeat NSFW

Some statistics on her are:
AGE: 20 years old (DOB July 28, 1988)
HAIR COLOR: Brunette
HEIGHT: 5ft 2in
WEIGHT: 114 lbs
BREAST: 36D, natural

French-born porn actress Natasha Nice moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of three.  She attended a private French school in Hollywood where she received straight-A’s.  During high school she also worked at a Fat Burger joint.  After high school, Natasha decided she wanted to pursue a modeling career.  She appeared in about 60 films.  She receive AVN Award nominations in 2008 in the Best New Starlet and Best POV Sex Scene categories.

So much for statistics.  Now on to history.

0526  Antioch struck by Earthquake; about 250,000 die. Yes 0526.

Now this is funny, on this day in history in 1500 Bartholomeu Diaz de Narvaez A Portuguese sea explorer, drowns

in 1660   György Rákóczi II prince of Transsylvania, dies in battle Probably was not like this

in 1765  Patrick Henry historic speech against the Stamp Act, answering a cry of “Treason!” with, “If this be treason, make the most of it!

in 1978   Bob Crane actor (Donna Reed Show, Hogan-Hogan’s Heroes), dies at 49

in 1848  Wisconsin becomes 30th state Cheeseheads  rejoyced

in 1911  1st Indianapolis 500 car race, Ray Harroun wins at 74.59 mph

in 1916  US forces invade Dominican Republic, stay until 1924 BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED!!!

in 1960  Everly Brothers “Cathy’s Clown” hits #1

1977  A J Foyt wins Indianapolis 500 (average speed of 161.331 mph) for a record 4th time

Seeing as there is a lot of car stuff how about this

I just about have bored myself to sleep so I imaging you are about to throw crap at the monitor so I bring you

Natasha Nice


Have a great night and do something politically incorrect just to piss a liberal off.

Update! There are some important religious observances today.
Christian-Andorra : Our Lady of Canolic
old Roman Catholic : Feast of St Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi, virgin
Lutheran : Commemoration of Jiri Tranovsky, hymn writer
Bahá’í : Death (ascension) of prophet Bahá’u’lláh (‘Azamat 7, 49)
I know Michael is all over this one


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One of these days. . .

Someone suggested today that I only post “elevator music”. This may be true in the sense that every generation’s music is eventually co-opted by commerce. Most of you have heard the music I enjoy as part of some commercials.

As this may be the last American generation to experience capitalism, lets all guess what products might be associated with the following songs, shall we?

I would guess Zanax.

I’m thinking Rolex

The West Hollywood Transgender and Heart Transplant Surgery Center??

Thursday Foreignotica VIII

Cameron Cartio is a Persian singer who sings in Farsi (Persian), Spanish, and other languages. He collaborated with Cheb Khaled (a raï singer – raï is prevalent around Algeria and Morocco (the latter is called al-Maghreb (literally, the West)). Cartio and Khaled collaborated on a song called “Henna”, one version which was sung in Arabic and Spanish, and another version in Arabic and Farsi. Now, this can be a big deal because, believe you me, Arabs and Persians do not get along. Even secular Persians do not get along with Arabs. So, their collaboration is quite impressive.

As a point of trivia: “henna” is the Arabic word of the plant used to create a special dye-paste, which is very common among Arabs and South Asians. (In Urdu, we call it “mehndi”.)

Presenting “Henna” by Cheb Khaled and Cameron Cartio (in Arabic and Spanish).

(Video length – 3:13)

Presenting “Henna” by Cheb Khaled and Cameron Cartio (in Arabic and Farsi).

(Video length – 3:22)

While we’re on the subject of songs in Farsi, thought I’d append one of my favorites.

Presenting “Bia Inja” (“Come Here”) by Shadmehr Aghili

(Video length – 4:48)

Pyongyankie Our Wankie, Explosion to Follow

Reason to buy terrible light bulbs and paint your roof white.  Or something.  Kids love penguins.  Save the penguins!!!


I loved it when my mom would read this to me by glowstick as we both sucked on our pacifiers and listened to Lords of Acid.


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I have the hardest time finding men for HHD that aren’t, just out of puberty, or gay, or both. I’m not into pretty boys and every time I search for good looking men, there’s nothing but men who spend faaar more time in front of the mirror every day than I do. Course that’s not saying much, there’s no mirror in the garage.

But I digress. Today in my search for good looking male-ness I found this amusing bit of male goodness. I suppose they’re kind of the answer to Dove’s Real Women campaign.

Apparently Ambercrombie and Fitch hire shirtless, effeminate, metrosexual men to stand outside their store and greet customers as they walk in. Inside the store are nothing but shirtless men posters as well. An Improv group decided to have a bunch of “normal” men go shopping in there topless. Hilarity ensues.

Here’s the “models” posing in Central Park for a photo shoot. It cracks me up, especially the Ron Jeremy look alike at the bottom right.


Click on the link. It tells the whole story. Below, some cowboy beefcake and professional bull riders.

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