MMM 246: No Holiday theme

Because hunting down a bunch of cosplay chicks would take time I don’t have today, and might lead me into pr0n I’m trying to avoid.

Speaking of pr0n.


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Waiting For The Great Blumpkin

MJ is cooking something big up in an undisclosed location. I hear it involves Bloody Mary, power tools and a pumpkin. Whatever it is, we all offer up prayers for the safe passage of MJ to this corporeal world.


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Hello pillow-biters, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is from Doylestown, PA, born February 10th, 1991.  She stands 5’9″, 34D-24-24.  Please stop rubbing ass and welcome, Miss Samantha Hoopes.

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It’s Halloween Time


Yeah, I’m a little early. Halloween has always been a fun time for me. Some years more than others for sure. Between my own years of trick or treating in the days of full size candy bars, the drunken revelries of college and med school days and seeing my kids enjoy the holiday I’ve come full circle. As it stands now I keep the lights down low and hope no kids brave my long driveway to seek candy that I’d rather eat myself. Plus reining in two psycho dogs is a giant pain in the arse.

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19th Annual Great Pumpkin Festival



Dear fuquar’s de hose,

It’s that time of year again…Halloween(er)!!!!!!

As you know, we’ve spent the past 18 years showing each other our pumpkins, and this year is not the time to quit. We are simply 2 legitimate to do so. 2 legit to quit.

This Saturday, at 12pm EST I will begin a thread so scary, so frightening, so goddamn shart inducing that you’ll, er, shart.

Side note: I would like a thesaurus for Christmas. Just sayin’.

See you this Saturday,





Duct Wire

Let’s take a look at what Monika Grzymala has been unwinding.

b.1970 Poland

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MMM 245:Up early with a sledgehammer


I’m actually writing this on Monday morning for a change, got up at 5am, planning to head out to the barn in the cold and 1) check for trapped varmints and dos) do some “mace training” exercises with my new sledgehammers.  WTF is that?

Also, this is stuck in my head:

You’re welcome.

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Big Phat Poat

Long time commenter and flyboy Phat expressed a fondness in the last poat for Michael Steel, and since he’s looking for entertainment I thought I’d not judge but accommodate his proclivities.

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