MMM: Sweet 116

Busy day. Totally pumped for the week. You pumped? GET PUMPED! Or don’t, no skin off my nose.

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You get what you pay for

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You wanted a poat…

You’ll accept minimal content…

You’ll get selfies.

And really, isn’t this the story of Obama?


So, I managed to hack a few Hostage cell phones. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

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Ya know what we haven’t done in a good long while?




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HHD of Shame

I was kidding when I said I would do this and I really don’t remember doing it in the past. This will be me in about 20 minutes:


Let’s go the safe route and travel through time to remember the actors playing James Bond. A tuxedo and a gun are sexier than shirtless cowboys anyway, amiright?



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Inequality and Aristocracy

Look, it’s bullshit. If you view the economy as a zero sum game, then income inequality means something to you, but if you believe that you are responsible for your outcome, then you could give a rip. I realize this is probably too complicated for many people to understand because they are fed by jealousy and resentment. They want, free from labor, the fruits of yours. This needs and must be countered very quickly, and the only way that I have been able to do it is by picking out a different bogey man for the LIVs.


It’s the government, stoopid. They have become the new aristocracy in which presumed presidents, gleefully report that they haven’t driven a car for 20 years–we’ve been paying for that. Where first ladies spend hundreds of millions of dollars of your money to take their children on vacation. Where once great institutions have been subjugated to voodoo science, and the good, honest people who work at NASA have a new mission–to fight CO2 molecules.

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MMM 115: 30000 mile maintenance edition

Camry’s going in for 30k internal tidying today. It’s been problem-free so far, but maintenance is important and I won’t put it off. Neither should you! What part of life are you neglecting? Are you taking care of yourself? Your loved ones? Your tools? It’s still Lent, so I’m doing a lot of reflecting and personal inventory in addition to getting my chassis lubed. What I’ve learned is that reflection and personal inventory just fill me with regret, shame, and remorse, so I’m not sure I recommend it to anyone. Maintenance, though, absolutely critical. Don’t skip it, you’ll only kick yourself for it later.

Cowgirl, reversed.
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The 2nd Annual NoVaMoMee

Pupster Edit:  I felt bad about pushing Bcoch‘s poat down earlier, so I thought I’d spice it up a bit.


The date has been set, the location chosen, invites are going out. The 2nd Annual NoVaMoMee (Northern Virginia Moron MeetUp) will be on Saturday, June 21st.


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Insult Watch

Good Morning!


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