Another Pointless Poat – MJ said so

So —- Our little felt friend has been busy with chronicling his exploits: (NSFW)

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Something is Fishy


I was surfing teh webs and came across an interesting little factoid about the Angler Fish

There’s an obvious mom joke lurking in there…

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Kitchen Wire

Meet Jim Houser

b.1973 Philadelphia
Region capture 13

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Wire Starter

Introducing Joe Hengst and Sarah Joncas.

Like peanut butter and jam.

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Signal Wire

Here is the fantastic water color of one Rob Soto.

Region capture 4

Region capture 5

Born in Sacramento, Soto is now living in Lis Angeles.

Region capture 6

Region capture 7

Region capture 8

Region capture 9

Region capture 11

Incidentally, watercolor is a great way to break in to painting.  Many community colleges have a watercolor 101 and I certainly enjoyed my time in class.

Region capture 13

Region capture 14

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