MMM 246: No Holiday theme

Because hunting down a bunch of cosplay chicks would take time I don’t have today, and might lead me into pr0n I’m trying to avoid.

Speaking of pr0n.


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Big Phat Poat

Long time commenter and flyboy Phat expressed a fondness in the last poat for Michael Steel, and since he’s looking for entertainment I thought I’d not judge but accommodate his proclivities.

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MMM 244: Minimal Text Edition

Tired, sore, typing sucks.  Going to go read.

Monochrome and veiny.


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MMM 216: 3 day work week edition

I’m at home today with the li’l one so my wife can go to the doctor for an oil change or something, then I get Good Friday off but I’ll be doing the same thing then so she can go to work for a day.  This parenting thing is really a job for a younger person or someone with retired and trustworthy parents nearby, I tellz ya.  I’m neither, so I’m vacationing.  I’ve barely slept the last few days, though, so I need the motivation as much as ever.

I think this is from a pr0n movie.


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