Hello hummers and dogs who know the words, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model today was born on March 19, 1995 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.  She measures 30G-24-32 on the headturner scale, and stands 5’10” and the obligatory 125 lbs.  Please get off the barre and welcome, Miss Jamie Love aka Alice Brookes!

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Hello students, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


God I love that song.

Me:  Big boat deluxe,  big boat denied

Google Play:  Big boat devolves, big boat deny

Lyrics A-Z:  Big broken love, big broken knives

Revolve Lyrics:  Big boat deloves, big boat denies


Your model was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on February 5th, 1991, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  She stands 5′8″, 110lbs and 34C-24-34 on the nevergonnahappen scale.  Please stop ignoring the pussy and welcome, Miss Ellie Gonsalves!

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The Short Bus

Lauraw wears crocks

Up with the sun, gone with the wind

Everyone said Pup was lazy

Leaving my home

Leaving my friends

Running when things got too crazy

Out on the road, out ‘neath the stars

Feeling the breeze, passing the cars

I think my dictionary has a Bob Seger filter, it tried to change “Passing” to “Passin”.

Rock on with your bad selves today my friends.  


Hello milk drinkers and tiara wearers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born October 24th, 1993 in Stillwater, Minnesota, Canada.  She measures 5’9″, 35-24-35.  Please stop lamenting long enough to welcome, Miss Alex Hanson!

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Hello again, my friends, the wandering land mammal returns to welcome y’all to Big Boob Friday…short sprint and long pole edition.

I’d like to thank MJ for his capable management of this august institution, I shall endeavor to persevere in the spirit with which BBF was originally founded.

I wrote this song after finding today’s model, and then gave it to Eddie Money.  He couldn’t get the spirit of the lyrics until I told him to start singing out only of one side of his mouth, then he became a big star.

Today’s model was born in Maryland in 1990, and is an adult model and highly skilled porn star. She stands 5′ tall and 120lbs, and measures 36-24-34 with big ol’ DD aftermarket face-smackers. Please stop trying to explode all over Pam Geller long enough to welcome, Miss Rainia Belle aka Lilith Lust!

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Hello and welcome to another addition of Big Boob Friday.

Acoustic boob:

Electric boob:

Your model for today is from Moscow, she takes her clothes off and has sex on video for money (I assume) and stands 5’8″, 123 lbs, 39-26-38. Please stop hitting the reset button long enough to welcome, Miss Marina Visconti!

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