2022 BBF Semi-Finals Round 6

Hello, and welcome to the 2022 Big Boob Friday Semi-Finals, Round 6.

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Your model for today was born in America on September 10th, 1995Shstands 5′ 9″ and measures 36 – 25 – 34 and 130 lbsPlease get your wallet out for Miss Olivia Casta AKA Olivia Cláudia Motta Casta AKA Olivia Castaxx.

Comment by TeeRoy Jenkins on January 21, 2022 6:23 am
This one appears too young for my tastes. Very pretty, but I’m inclined to tell her to put some clothes on.

My lawn…..

Comment by Brother Tim on January 21, 2022 6:54 am
I feel creepy looking at this one.

I predict MJ will rate 7/10 or better.

Comment by leoncaruthers on January 21, 2022 9:15 am
I’m just glad she has no tats and her hair is a shade that naturally occurs in mammals.

Comment by MJ on January 21, 2022 8:41 am
10/10 would smash after checking ID


Your model for today was born on February 15th, 1996 in Pescara, Italy. She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 36 – 22 – 33 and 110 lbs. Please be a real boy for Miss Martina Finocchio.

Comment by lumps on February 25, 2022 8:35 am
Her last name means ‘fennel.’ I suspect it isn’t her real name.

Comment by Pendejo on February 25, 2022 6:59 am
Pour some Ragu on that child and ring the dinner bell.

Comment by MJ on February 25, 2022 8:30 am
10/10 would smash


Your model for today was born December 17th, 1994 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She stands 5′ 3″ and measures 32 – 23 – 32 and 121 lbs. Please grab a water for Miss Stefanie Knight aka Stefanie Gurzanski.

Comment by jam2 on March 11, 2022 6:16 am
This chick has talent, and by talent I mean she seems nice tits.

Comment by Hotspur on March 11, 2022 11:47 am
I could really get behind this selection.

Comment by leoncaruthers on March 11, 2022 11:57 am

Behind, on top of, underneath. I’m not picky.

Comment by MJ on March 11, 2022 3:20 pm
10/10 would smash


Your model for today was born December 9th, 1992 in Seattle, Washington. She stands 5′ 3″ and measures 32 – 25 – 36 and 108 lbs. Please grab an EpiPen for Miss Sofi Ryan AKA Hailey Lynzz.

Comment by Jimbro on July 8, 2022 7:25 am
I feel like I need to wash with soap and scalding hot water and get a dose of Ceftriaxone after viewing this puta’s portfolio

Comment by Senor Pendejo on July 8, 2022 9:58 am
She seems to have an extensive body of work on tittyweb jenkins where she’s not wearing any clothing. I may not get much done today.

Comment by MJ on July 8, 2022 9:40 am
10/10 WS


  1. Tough choice this round, all 10s on the MJ smash scale.

  2. Damn you for making us choose.

  3. Probably the toughest decision I’ll need to make all week.

  4. “I’m still gonna go with a Grindr date gone bad. The glass laying outside on the porch was probably from the date trying to get out of the house”
    The more they obfuscate the facts the more it looks like that to me and everyone else

  5. Snowbilly got my vote today.

  6. Yeah, Nancy is curiously avoiding the limelight after all this drama. I think she’s embarrassed in front of her friends and colleagues, who probably know what’s up.

  7. I need plans for a chicken coop. This will be my winter-spring project.
    I’m sad that the little family-owned farm supply place I was hoping to depend on is going out of business. They’ve been here over 100 years. Guess the guy wants to retire and nobody will buy.

  8. They’ve been here over 100 years. Guess the guy wants to retire and nobody will buy.
    I see an opportunity there for creative negotiations by someone who enjoys gardening …

  9. I would have gone with Olivia because she has the cutest face but since she makes everyone feel guilty and a little pedo she is out!

    So my next choice is slutsville, which would have to be Martina because she has a dumb face and huge, real knockers. And I always like to vote for the possible bed dusters.

    I literally don’t know what I’m saying.

  10. …but who does NOT enjoy being chained to a retail store. Been there, done that, got the scars, no T-shirt.

  11. I’m gonna run over there in the next few days and see if they have any chick supplies left.

  12. wakey wakey

    Har Har! When asked about the Pelosi butt fumble today – the SFDA said, yeah no – not releasing the police body cam footage – oh, and not releasing the actual 911 tapes – oh, and not releasing the security camera footage from the house – oh, and not releasing the original police report signed into booking for the defendant that night – oh, and not releasing any mug shots of the defendant booked that night – and no, not releasing the defendant’s injuries that required hospitalization that night – and no, not releasing a report of Paul Pelosi’s medical injuries recorded that night – and no, not releasing any information about the security detail that night – and on and on…”

    Is this all true? I know about the security camera.

  13. Lauraw- this time of year it will be hard to get chicks, but sometimes you can luck out. The bummer will be that it probably will be straight run, not pullets.

    If you can wait, McMurry hatchery starts shipping early in the new year.

  14. sorry, supplies. not chicks. no coffee yet.

    You dont need a LOT of things for chicks.

  15. Chick supplies? Wouldn’t that be Hobby Lobby?

    /serpentines for the horizon

  16. I need to build a brooder and a couple of tractors over winter and have a go at meat bird farming next year. I should order chicks to force myself to get it done.

  17. yeah, your mom likes just one thing

  18. …but who does NOT enjoy being chained to a retail store.
    After I hit Enter I thought to myself, no surer way to grow to hate gardening than owning a garden store.

    Here’s an idea, pop up garden stores, sort of like Spirit Of Halloween stores. Sell a bunch of crappy goods for more than their worth and then disappear like a gypsy caravan in the night

  19. In typical liberal fashion, they blame someone else for what they did.

  20. poor poor Beto

  21. Bobby O’Dork coulda stopped them if he’d wanted to.

  22. I can’t wait to cast my vote against that fucking maggot on Tuesday.

  23. Sell a bunch of crappy goods for more than their worth

    Sounds like Gardener’s Supply in Burlington VT. Crappy stuff for the suburban first-time gardener way over-priced.

  24. Did you see that video of Beto on tic tok “dancing” in response to some girl dancing for her “rights?”

    Holy shit, he’s a pathetic fem boy.

  25. Obviously bigger is better here. I voted for the eye talion.

  26. sk8tr boi

  27. Beto and Tank is going to be an awesome sitcom.

    They’re going to be a Mother and daughter duo that own a junk shop but have delusions of grandeur. Lots of visits from friends and especially from a hilariously ugly relative. Uncle Esther.

  28. Good. I’m continuing my plan to vote for the skankiest contestant but had to go with cup size this week because they’re all attractive.

  29. looks like I picked the leader too. tough week!

  30. Uncle Esther = Hillzebub with a fake beard and mustache

  31. They’re going to be a Mother and daughter duo that own a junk shop but have delusions of grandeur. Lots of visits from friends and especially from a hilariously ugly relative. Uncle Esther.


    Maxine Waters?

  32. Hey there Pupster. The post title is referencing last year. Not a year to which I would like to return.

  33. OMG yes Maxine Waters. That would be priceless.

  34. https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2022/11/04/tudor-dixon-takes-apart-obama-whitmer-shows-why-shes-predicted-to-win-in-michigan-n654103

    Hope she wins! Get over the Wayne county 2am cheat factor in coolers!

  35. Wayne County will delay reporting until Thursday at the earliest while they consider whether they can get away with it.

  36. 3rd and 4th model gifs have my attention. Thanks, Pupster!

  37. I fixed the title. I hope Pupster doesn’t ban me.

  38. If there was a global societal collapse I wonder if the younger generation, never having any hardship, would basically kill themselves or would they fight tooth and nail neighbors and others for food?

  39. Hard Times make Strong Men, mare.
    They do this by killing most of the Weak Men.

    This is actually a worthy criticism some have leveled at the paleo diet crowd. “Of course adult hunter gatherers are/were robustly healthy and tough as leather, anyone who wasn’t died young”.

  40. Oh, I stopped the fast yesterday at 75 hours or so with some roast beef hash and eggs.

  41. Greta is in the news

    and again

  42. Leon, how much weight did you lose, even if it wasn’t about weight loss?

  43. I didn’t weigh myself before or after, Mare. Belt came in one inch or so.

  44. If it takes more than 24 hours to determine the outcome of an election in your state, then you can be sure that your state has an election fraud problem.

  45. If prop 2 passes in Michigan nothing we do going forward deserves to be called an “election” in any way.

  46. Jesse Kelly tweeted that, rural, and was limited. no replies were allowed.

    However, everyone screen shot it, and have been reposting, so twitter was a failure at suppressing, yet again.

  47. Today is electric water heater repair day. Waiting for the tank to drain out so I can pull the heating elements. Then I can see what size so I can run to Lowe’s to buy new ones. Well water is very hard, so the elements don’t seem to last more than 2 years. A couple of days ago there was a loud short-circuiting noise, and then hot water became lukewarm water. Looking forward to a nice hot shower tonight, if all goes well.

  48. twitter: fantastic thread about vaccines, masks, and schools, and why implementation was like it was

    It was coercion, and intimidation. Just as you thought.

  49. There’s some allegations that Olivia Casta heavily photoshops her face. I saw it in a comment on the last video of her leaked and did a search


    So if you’re voting for her boobs you can maintain your integrity. If you got suckered in by her neotenized facial appearance and if the allegations are true then you best get right with God because you been had.

    Here’s a nsfw Reddit post with a video showing her real face (which is attractive) and a lot of skin

  50. twitter: new fire ideas for leon

  51. Dad wisely steps a safe distance away and leaves the kid wearing only shorts and flip flops holding the fire cannon

  52. safety first!

  53. I need some smart person to explain to me how the Chy Na Long March 5B rockets aren’t acts of war against whatever country they happen to crash down into, assuming they don’t just crash down in Chy Na.

  54. New Mud Fireplace Guy (Possum’s name for the channel):

    Hard Times also make Strong Pottery.

  55. Go Get A Green Job (GGAGJ) is the new GFY. Not as pithy perhaps but certainly just as satisfying.

  56. I need some smart person to explain to me how the Chy Na Long March 5B rockets aren’t acts of war against whatever country they happen to crash down into, assuming they don’t just crash down in Chy Na.

    Because of Reasons and also thermonuclear weapons but mostly because of thermonuclear weapons.

  57. I’m glad my shadenboner over The Snap is only metaphorical. Goin’ on ninety minutes.

  58. I still don’t get what the problem was with how Trump said China.

    Now, if we wanted to keep making fun of him for “Two Corinthians”, I can get on board with that.

  59. Oh, I’ve adopted it as my own, specifically for the PRC. I only say “China” when talking about the land mass.

    I also say “kitten” with two distinct Ts, so I’m sorta working on my own dialect a word at a time.

  60. Likely-to-have-been-donkey-stomped kitty remains on crate rest. She is healthy and eating and enjoys pets but it’s going to be a while before we know how much mobility she can recover or whether her stay indoors is ultimately going to be permanent.

  61. Oh dear, wrong year. In my defense I’m not very detail oriented.

  62. probably have to start voting over now, right? too many “hanging buffalones”

  63. No idea what you’re talking about.

    It always said 2022. You’re just imagining things.

    *gestures magically*

  64. The Snapped twatters get 90 days severance. I could do a heck of a lot with 90 days off work and my salary still coming in.

    Must. Be. Nice.

  65. amnesty in a nutshell

    do I mean vaccine, or illegal immigrant variety?


  66. Probably just wants their sorry asses out of the way to not cause trouble. Worth the cost.

  67. It still said 2021 in the first text line until I fixed it. Mistakes were made.

  68. How’s the new place, Bro Tim? Any lizards?

  69. It’s early November, the lizards are probably in hibernation. At least no big spiders that I’ve seen.

    Going to need to work on the bedding situation, but that can be finagled.

    Just glad to have it done. The rest is details.

  70. Happy for you BroTim.

  71. COVID going through the Club…AGAIN. Pfft. I have chronic bronchitis. Dan calls me “Lunger.” You know where I didn’t have bronchitis? No allergies? Anchorage. I am not moving to AK so Dan can sleep.

  72. (I’m fond of the original. Not right without Ringo…)

  73. I’ve heard from folks with history in NM that there’s something environmental that causes it. Forget the specifics.

  74. I tried peanut butter M&M’s at Hotspur’s recommendation and was underwhelmed.

    This experience has caused me to question the veracity of his numerous self-reported conquests of our collective moms

  75. If you like Reeses Cups, look for the Thins. They have a white chocolate variety too if your like that sort of thing.

  76. I tried peanut butter M&M’s at Hotspur’s recommendation and was underwhelmed.
    This experience has caused me to question the veracity of his numerous self-reported conquests of our collective moms

    If you tried them and didn’t like them, I can’t help you.

  77. Paula would murder me if I brought home white chocolate Reese’s Cups – she likes Reese’s Cups and white chocolate and combining them in a candy labeled “thin” would result in a candy massacre.

    I bought a bag of those Ghiradelli squares that were caramel and white chocolate and hid them in her work bag. When she found them she was reminded why she said “I do” to this old man.

  78. I like the mint M&Ms the best.

  79. Key Lime M&Ms are the best.

  80. BroT, I’m allergic to Sagebrush and Cottonwoods. Something always blooming. I have dry eye as well. I don’t blink enough and need eye drops.

  81. It wasn’t that, it was some…dust/mold thing? I’ll have to ask again. My brain’s wretched enough I have trouble tracking things I deal with personally, let alone anything halfway across the country.

  82. I know we have a problem with landfill gases, but that’s NE not NW. Mi vida loca…this AM we had snow on the East side of the building. I went to receiving to have Dago open the door so I could watch snow, AND drizzling rain on the West side.

  83. The thin white choc Reeses cups are a Possum favorite.

  84. Those are pretty good.

  85. Not a fan of white chocolate (racist?) but I would scarf some peanut butter M&M’s right now.

  86. I chose Olivia, pedo or not I got that feeling I was on the edge of 17 again.

  87. Not a fan of white chocolate
    What are your feeling about Vanilla Ice??

  88. Friend from college (fully vaxed and boosted) had a biopsy today for calcifications seen during routine mammogram. She posted about it on Facedouche, and two other friends chimed in that they’ve had the same thing. Is that common? I’ve heard of cysts but not calcifications.

  89. DNH, not a fan of his, either.

  90. I try to educate people about the jab and not killing children. Dan is not me. He thinks that people that jab children at this point, deserve what they get. I’m crying. I try to get people to ignore the MFM. Stay purebloods. I pray every day that mi familia and my CoWs don’t succumb to the vax.

  91. The Katie Hopkins vid was eye-opening. I had no idea that Europe was restricting domestic flights like that. I suspect we’ll see something similar here in the US, first on flights, and eventually on driving.
    The Great Resetters really don’t like us having freedom of movement. The herds are supposed to stay in their respective pastures. I suspect that’s why all these anti-ICE vehicle deadlines are cropping up and the EVs are totally inadequate to replace them.

  92. and eventually on driving.
    Papers please to drive across county lines. But if you waded across the Rio Grande, Carte Blanche.

  93. Rio Grande is a joke. Creeks in AK were bigger than rivers in NM. Creeks in OH are bigger than rivers in NM.

  94. In one of my favorite books of all time “God Emperor of Dune” Leto, the titular “God Emperor”, decreed that nobody but his august self may use motorized transportation for anything beyond necessary transportation of goods, personnel to their jobs, and the like for the entire galactic empire. Everybody else WALKS. His reign was something like 3,000 years.

    Coming to a formerly free country near you.

  95. Michael Moore: white women will do anything for a cheap tank of gas.

    What every woman that spent a night with Michael mumbled to themselves the next morning.

  96. On the plus side, if Michael Moore has to walk everywhere, that fucker’s gonna starve to death or have a grabber on his 103rd step.

  97. We’ll have to tax his farts.

  98. Watched “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”. I don’t know why I thought it was a serious biopic, but it took only about 5 minutes to disabuse me of that notion. If you like Weird Al, you’ll like the movie. It’s on Roku.

  99. https://9gag.com/gag/a4ojzL1

  100. I don’t know if it was a parody account, but there was a tweet about the entire Human Rights Council at Twitter being cut. I like Elon more, now.

  101. I find it hilarious how the worst ones (likely) marked themselves for termination by creating and infesting pretentious councils that have nothing to do with conducting the core business.

  102. I just got laid off from Twitter this morning with no notice. Your mom, on the other hand…

  103. NSFW: oh look, it’s Tuesday!

  104. how are you white women roaches, voting republican?

    Sunni Hostin says hi!

  105. Raid for me every time.

  106. Funny how Sunny and Joy are anything but.

  107. Don’t encourage rude people.

  108. wakey wakey. Race today.

  109. Oooohhhh, tight race!

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