Carin hasn’t told us she hates us all recently.


i assume she’s recouping from yoga or something and trying to get up enough energy to recommence her poison pen ranting again.

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These Should Be Used More Often

I’ve run across a bunch of words recently that I haven’t seen or used in a long time.

Some words remind me of the George Carlin skit about being funny:

borborygmus is one that I find humorous – i think of politicians when i hear it.

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it’s’ a cat v dog kind’a day

The bottom line is cats’ are a pox on the western world and a tool of the foulest purveyo’rs of perfidy.(snop’es prove themselves’ wrong once again)


They’r’e uncivil.


They stink with unnatural potency & longevity.


They are killing machi’nes. Wrecking the li’ves and aspirations’ of all those they come in contact with.


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