A Naval Aviation Superbowl

We’re rooting for Seattle tomorrow. Get over it.

One nifty little coincidence this year is that both Seattle and New England share their team monikers with squadrons in Naval Aviation.

VAW-126 Seahawks have, with permission, adopted the logo of Seattle’s wonderful franchise.

VAQ-140, oddly enough stationed just north of Seattle, have dubbed themselves The Patriots, though, being refined ladies and gentlemen, they have not adopted the logo of the eastern seaboard franchise.


One of the best paint jobs ever.


Pecho Grande Viernes

Hello malcontents, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.
This song was playing on Dewey Crow’s tow-truck radio on this season’s premier episode of Justified.
Your model for today was born in Caracas, Venezuela, now she lives in Miami, Florida. She stands 5’6″ tall, and measures 34C-28-38 and 110lbs. Please stop raking the roof long enough to welcome, Miss Diana Levy!

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Dickbutt Fever!!11!!!!11!!

As you are aware, Dickbutt fever is sweeping Michigan and will soon envelop the rest of the country. As we close the year on another football season, both pro and semi-pro, the Dickheads, as they are affectionately known, have started local chapters as far south as Tampa/St Pete, Fl. They are rabid, they are wild, and they can’t get enough Dickbutt!!!!!!

This picture was taken at Raymond James stadium just last week by the H2’s own resident photographer and founding member of Dickhead Nation—Mr Chumpo!

I support Souther Canada Upper United States Community College! FUCK ‘EM DICKBUTTS!!!!!!!!!

dickbut U

Let It Snow!

In order to stay on topic like we usually do, I decided to poat about something a lot of us have in common today:


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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Happy V Day, H2


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Creepy Post

Is this the most awkward post in the history of H2? Maybe, but day ain’t over, homes.

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Hello SMOD watchers, welcome, and come on in to Big Boob Friday.

Special thanks to MJ for taking time out of his busy pubic speaking schedule and filling in for me last week. I wrote this song for him to express my gratitude.



Your model for today is a porn star from Kyoto, Japan. She is 5’4″, 104 lbs, and measures 42-23-36 with some slanty Jcup size kimono pokers. Please stop sending old hippie pop singers on diplomatic missions long enough to welcome, Miss Utsunomiya Shion !

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