A Naval Aviation Superbowl

We’re rooting for Seattle tomorrow. Get over it.

One nifty little coincidence this year is that both Seattle and New England share their team monikers with squadrons in Naval Aviation.

VAW-126 Seahawks have, with permission, adopted the logo of Seattle’s wonderful franchise.

VAQ-140, oddly enough stationed just north of Seattle, have dubbed themselves The Patriots, though, being refined ladies and gentlemen, they have not adopted the logo of the eastern seaboard franchise.


One of the best paint jobs ever.



  1. Go ‘hawks.

  2. They were across from my squadron, VAW-123 (The World Famous Screwtops), when we were in Sea Plane Hangar 1.

  3. http://is.gd/mbPm78

  4. Wow. Dead in here.

    I blame Mare.

  5. I bought the Tacoma.

  6. What version? ’05 if I remember correctly. Double cab, single cab, cab and a half? Is the bed steel or plastic?

  7. What color?

  8. I hope you’re very happy with it.

    I remember when Tacoma was famous as the dirty, shitty southern neighbor of Seattle.

    Well, it still is.

  9. Is that where Ft. Lewis is located? I stayed there for a couple of days on my way to Alaska.

  10. That same general area, yeah,.

  11. I was 20 years old so it’s only a vague memory. Pretty sure Mt. Hood was visible. I’ve got a box with old photos I haven’t looked at in a long time and most of those were from Alaska.

  12. I’m rooting for whatever team is supposedly going to move to Inglewood. Go Rams, or whatever.

  13. Robert Kraft is rumored to be getting a West Coast team together called The Redcoats.

  14. The L.A. Vaxers

  15. Suge Knight wanted in but, he’s a little busy with some other stuff now.

  16. 2005 Tacoma Access Cab.

  17. what color

  18. Raise your hand if you’ve had access to CoLex’s mom’s cab.

  19. *starts The Wave*

  20. *stands up, raises arms, lowers arms, sits down*


  21. 2005 Tacoma Access Cab.

    A ten-year-old taxi for disabled people from Washington?

  22. Booty aside, what’s shakin’, Cyn?

  23. Ahhhh can’t SWIM!!!1

    *wades back to shore*

  24. The ice in my glass when I jiggle it.

  25. I like it when Cyn jiggles.

  26. Cynjello

  27. http://gfycat.com/PinkSimilarAyeaye

  28. A customer just called to see if I could be available tomorrow afternoon.

    HA! Good one.

    I’ll call them back on Monday.

  29. Ravens fan probably

  30. I need to rest up for shoveling and roof raking.

  31. Turned out one of them works with GND. Small world.

    Did you find out before or after you put the make on?

  32. If you grew pot in your attic, you wouldn’t need to rake your roof.

  33. They would wonder why there was no snow on my roof.
    I would go to jail.
    I wouldn’t need to rake my roof.

  34. For Oso:


  35. I could totally grow pot in my attic, and nobody would ever know.

    Except God. He knows that kind of stuff, snow or not.

  36. Hahaha Thanks, Pepe. I love him. He had a cameo in Muppets Most Wanted.

  37. You *could* just say there’s no snow on your roof because you raked it.

  38. Scott, we had every register open, we were line rushing, and we STILL had lines. (Line rushing is where you scan the Membership Card, scan every item in the basket, and when the cashier scans the card, everything shows up on the register) It was chaos. I’m exhausted from stocking in grocery and freezer/cooler.

  39. Dan was supposed to buy Hawaiian Dinner Rolls for Super Bowl Sliders, but he didn’t want to stand in line.

  40. I bet you sold out of shrimp.

  41. That’s what guys bring to a Superbowl party.
    2 lbs of shrimp and a 12 pack.

  42. Scott, it was getting low. We sold over 100 Take and Bake pizzas by Noon. We had an end bucker and half an aisle bunker of shrimp rings this AM. Meat guys could barely keep up.

  43. We only carry Shrimp Cocktail from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. OMG you’d think SMOD was coming.

  44. Meat guys could barely keep up.

    That’s what she said.

  45. Comment by Cyn on January 31, 2015 7:39 pm

    And suddenly, Bill Cosby seems like a wise man…

  46. Paula bought a Sam’s take and bake for the boys. It was huge. They were eating off it for three meals.

  47. Bucker? Stupid autocucumber. Bunker. Heh, Sean. Meat guys are freaks. Worse than Produce guys.

  48. Jimbro, they’re SNAP eligible. You taxpaying peeps should be happy to know you’re providing a bunch of people with their SB party food.

  49. I was cashiering today. Really hard not to get angry selling basket after basket of party food on SNAP cards.

  50. Jimbro, I’m sorry that you are outnumbered by all the 12th Man people here at the H2.

  51. Ok, the “Chink in the armor” controversy makes me all stabby.

  52. That is pretty fucking retarded, Colex. I mean, chinks aren’t even really known for wearing armor.

  53. CoAlex, GO NAVY! Beat Army!

  54. Japs mebbe. Terra Cotta chinks. Don’t get me started on the gooks. Or the Huks.

  55. Norks? They can KMA

  56. It’s okay Oso.

    Patriots victory: “We” won.

    Patriots loss: “They” lost.

  57. FYI Patriot cakes and cupcakes are outselling Seahag stuff in the Duke City.

  58. Went to Safeway on Fri, like always.
    The staff were ALL wearing Hawks gear.
    The place was a zoo with shrimp-rings, snack trays, take & bake pizzas, beer, booze, and chips.
    The PA was “Welcome to $5 Friday! Check the deli for roasted $5 Chickens, wings, and Pizzas! GO HAWKS!!!”
    Downtown Seattle has “12” flags on every building.
    If the Hawks lose tomorrow, there will be lots of drunk-driving wrecks and suicides in western WA.
    This place is nuts…

  59. ChrisP, we’re Broncos/Cowboys country. It is freaking insane for 2 teams no one really cares about.

  60. Sending out an SOS to beasn. I’m *this* close to killing Señor Man Cold.

  61. For the love of God, comment faster!!!!

  62. I remember the good old days of having to cheer for Jim Zorn and trying to say with a straight face that Brian Bosworth was a good draft pick.

  63. I vaguely remember when we had a football team or two.

  64. XB, I’ve been a Chiefs fan since 1967. I never could generate H8 against the Chargers or the Seahawks. Find it funny that the Seahags became relevant after moving to the greatest conference in the history of football.

  65. Sean, I prefer the Big A as baseball only. Yay Northridge Quake!

  66. Baseball? Only 2 weeks for pitchers and catchers to report!

  67. 2/18

  68. Middle school friend is a contractor in Kabul. He is always first on FB to say he’s ok. Former air traffic AF guy. Works at the airport. He hasn’t been on FB in 72 hours. Names haven’t been released. Sure he’s ok. Praying.

  69. Leftovers Sat. Dan made a crockpot roast with onion, carrots, and potatoes. Mushroom soup and that onion soup crap. Red chile pepper rub. It’s pretty good. I H8 cooked carrots.

  70. cooked carrots with roast are the best! Potatoes too.

  71. Hey, the TiFWs are part of the ORIGINAL 12th Man fan club.

    You know – the Texas Aggies.

  72. J’ames, I ate my carrots. Ugh.

  73. TiFW….IKR? I get tired of teams that can’t come up with their own traditions.

  74. Seattle has a tradition of its enthusiasm being measured on the Richter scale.

  75. Yawn. Dave at Garfield Ridge OLD!

  76. Did anybody find a rough equivalent of anybody else’s name while translating an ancient prophecy about the end of the world today?

  77. The 12th man never entered the field.

  78. G’night guys. I have to work in the AM.

  79. I love Toby. I can forgive him for being a D-rat.

  80. I’m not gonna fix that

  81. Had a Bloody at Toby’s I Love this Bar in LV. $23. It was huge. Actually had booze. There are pics. If Dan ever shows them, he’s dead.

  82. I’ve been watching The Grand Budapest Hotel here at work. It’s pretty good.

  83. Fury isn’t quite as good as people have said it is.

  84. “Did anybody find a rough equivalent of anybody else’s name while translating an ancient prophecy about the end of the world today?”

    Seamn – ancient semi-god of the red tide; destroyer of lagoons, user of legumes – breaker of alpha linkages

  85. Very jibJab

  86. J’ames, I gave up on Fury when I started to read how libtarded it was. I had hopes

  87. Travelling?
    Try this place.


  88. Don’t know about being measured on the Richter scale, but EVERY time the Aggies score, the stands “score”, too – all of the gents get to kiss their date (it’s really cute to see a couple of 90-year-olds kiss after a touchdown).

    It’s the TiFW’s favorite tradition….

  89. Aw, the thing with the 90-year-olds does sound cute.

    And by cute, I mean hot. Mmmmmmmm…

    Don’t you judge me.

  90. Old people creep me out. Smell like soup.

  91. Blerg

  92. I enjoyed fury . The movie has layers.

  93. Shia Labeouf

  94. Gonna go read my book in bed. Nighty might.

  95. Shia did a good job.

  96. G’night. Shia Labeouf. Shia Labeouf

  97. Shia was good. So was Brad.

  98. Yawn. Dave at Garfield Ridge OLD!

    Well, no shit. It’s not a tradition UNTIL it’s old.

  99. Shia is really good in holes.

    No, I did not forget to capitalize that.

  100. No, your mom is not a tradition.

  101. She’s from the South. She’s traditional.

  102. Know me, broken by my master
    Teach thee, on derp of love hereafter

  103. 6 degrees and NOT SNOWING !!!

  104. A foot of snow is coming Monday though.


    1) Dump run
    t) Groceries
    “) Rake roof
    =) Get the fire going
    &) Make some SB food

    Coffee first…derp.

  105. Not watching any pregame coverage. Just play the game. All the ads for SB say it starts at 6:30. Kickoff is later though…amirite? Like 8-830? That’s what I told Paula who is working until 7. By the time she signs out her patients and drives home she arrives home at 8.

  106. Real kickoff is 6:30.

  107. Oops. I’ll text her so she knows to hurry home.

  108. Tomorrow is garbage day and we are supposed to get a foot of snow.


  109. I am sure the plows will go extra slow and be careful to not knock down the garbage cans..

    h ha Ha HA HA HA HA

  110. Not watching any pregame coverage. Just play the game.

    Amen to that.

  111. Gumoarning


  112. Heh

  113. Also, http://i.imgur.com/e2MJrU0.jpg.

  114. Something moved into Fat Bastards den!

  115. *calls the police*

  116. Watching the news this morning. They’re going on and on about a long distance balloon flight and how wonderful the pilot is. They started in Japan and were supposed to end up in Canada. Ended up in the ocean by Baja Mexico. WTF??

  117. Something moved into Fat Bastards den!
    Probably wanted to watch the Super Bowl on FB’s bigscreen TV.

  118. We were supposed to have a foot of snow already and it was supposed to be done. Instead we have 2″ and the promise of 10 more over the rest of the day. I’ll probably have to start shoveling at noon or 1 whether it’s finished or not.

    Going to have to watch mass, no way I want to drive in this.

  119. http://tinyurl.com/kbxrwdf

  120. Happy SB Sunday my friends.

    I’ve got some friends coming over, I’ve got to clean the pasture, then cook game-day snacks on the range.

  121. You won’t be alone, Buff. Will you be Buffwithfriends?

  122. I think it’s a muskrat. Normally it would be odd for one to nest so far from the water, but the swamp is frozen solid and it is mating season.

    If a coyote doesn’t get him by Spring, he’ll probably move out on his own.

  123. Have a good time, Buff.


  124. Chicken wings, loaded potatoes, 7-layer dip and chips, dessert to be named later. Maybe strawberries.

  125. I am never alone, I am occasionally hyphenated.

  126. I am never alone, I am occasionally hyphenated.


  127. I made 2 martinis yesterday, one with sweet vermouth and one with extra dry. Both were excellent, but I found that I preferred the sweet one.

  128. Pepe, no wind off the coast of Canada. Balloon stalled. Was in danger of coming down before record was set. Changed plans earlier this week. Kill me nao for knowing that.

  129. What kind of gin?

  130. Tanqueray Rangpur. I used pre-stuffed olives because ain’t nobody got time for that.

  131. If you used sweet vermouth you didn’t make a martini.

    You made a mess.

  132. Tasty mess.

  133. Also, you never said what kind, so I had to get both and experiment.

  134. Leon, make yourself a Manhattan. Then maybe MSnobJ will give you a break.

  135. One last day of sports, nothing but golf until August.

  136. Hahahahaha.


  137. Gin, sweet vermouth, a dash of bitters and a bit of marascheno cherry liqueur. You now have a Martinez.

  138. Ice Dancing is a sport.

  139. I bet if they had chicks with big tits ice dancing the viewership would be through the roof.

  140. Viewership would increase if they had chicks that you could watch without feeling like a creeper who lives in a rusty Econoline van down by the playground.

  141. There’s that too

  142. There was a girl at the dance I went to last night who was pretty, tall, and thin with curly brown hair and geek glasses. We danced and then were talking and I asked her what she did. Was she a student? She gets awkward and says, “Actually, I’m 16 and a junior in high school.” Sonofa…


  143. Got to the grocery store at 8 and there were maybe 8 customer cars there. When I left there was easily 40 cars there and I was in and out in under 30 minutes.

    Like I do with your mom.

  144. According to mom, you’re in and out in under two, and that includes a minute of crying at the end.

  145. At least you asked! Van guys don’t ask.

  146. Ha!

  147. Oso, they just went on and on about what a great pilot he was, and he missed a Continent. :)

  148. I was at the grocery store too.

    Just guys, buying shrimp.

  149. Didn’t even quite make the coast of Baja.

  150. “They will be investigated for possible negligence charges.”



  151. I’m making jerky.

  152. I read that story too Scott. My kids are older but my guns are locked up in a big safe and 2 quick access safes. That story stinks… Lots of questions unanswered like whether it was a legal gun possession, why they were living in a motel and why DHS took custody of their kids so quickly.

  153. Oven or dehydrator? Will it be ready for the Big Game?

  154. Your mom jerks guys behind the Gas-N-Go for spare change.

  155. **hands spur a box of Kleenex**

  156. Oven – 200º for approximately 2 hours. New recipe. This one is hickory bbq. It will be ready for the game between the Cheatriots and the Seacunts.

  157. Where’s the jerky?

    Over yonder.



    It’s Italian.

  159. I don’t remember being this disinterested in a Superbowl. It’ll be a great time to get a haircut in a few hours.

    I don’t need shrimp.

    I need this lamp.

  160. Italian for dickbutt?

  161. Jerky makes the house smell good.

  162. Customer just called again.

    Sorry, but I require at least 5 hours notice to work on Superbowl Sunday.

  163. Woo Hoo! It’s a rabbit living in Fat Bastards den.

    We can eat that.

  164. Let it breed. You’ll be eating at the rabbit buffet.

  165. CYFD takes kids first, investigates later now. Too many dead kids in NM that CYFD left with their parents. Ballooning is overrated IMHO. I like the tourist $$$$ though.

  166. Not if it’s going to eat Lauraw’s garden

  167. If it eats the garden you get vegetable servings.


  168. This year’s garden is already mapped out on graph paper.

  169. Oh, this isn’t going to end well. Idiots in my neighborhood are putting their trash bins in the road.

    The plows will be here about 12 hours before the garbage trucks.

  170. Former Ice Dancer, former BBF model.


  171. She’s 2 weeks older than Paula. And blonder.

  172. caty perry looks like she made from spare parts.

  173. Huh. I just learned that I need a GTR.


  174. CYFD takes kids first, investigates later now. Too many dead kids in NM that CYFD left with their parents.

    Make it easy for CYS personnel to take children from their parents and you will have abuse of the system. Make it difficult, and you’ll end up with dead kids. There really is no perfect solution.

    Most people on the right are willing to accept a few dead kids. They just don’t want to admit it.

  175. Comment by Mr. Chumpo on February 1, 2015 2:44 pm
    caty perry looks like she made from spare parts.

    You know how when you always have that leftover bolt, or piece from a model, or extra legos? Yeah, God is like that only with tits. And he gave the all to Katy.

  176. GTRs are pretty bad ass. I was in traffic next to one a few days ago.

  177. Well yeah, the boobs, but none of the four quarters of her face match the other three. I’m not really bagging on her because besides the mistake of marrying that Fat English Junkie butthole, she’s OK.

  178. ’89 GT-R on Ebay for ~$16k. MJ has that much $ lying around on the coffee table.

    Pick me up later.

  179. I’ll be there in 22 hours.

    No wait. 21.

  180. http://xbradtc.com/2012/11/26/load-heat-katy-perry/

  181. Sweet!

  182. Superbowl Sunday is a great day to get a haircut

  183. Get a mohawk.

    It’s also a good time to go for a drive/ride, go to the beach, amusement park. All that jazz.

  184. Evidently it’s a good day to lay around in bed, drift in and out of sleep, cause that’s all I’ve done.

  185. CYFD takes kids first, investigates later now. Too many dead kids in NM that CYFD left with their parents.

    Most people on the right are willing to accept a few dead kids. They just don’t want to admit it.

    So, are people on the left.

    When I worked for CPS, the policy was to keep the kids with the parent(s) if at all possible. So, after an investigation the caseworker would open a Family Maintenance case and send the kids back to the parents (and some of them were truly monstrous people).

    Some percentage of those kids didn’t see another birthday. In a fine bit of moral onanism the policy wonks and social workers would assure people that CPS is ‘preserving families, not tearing them apart.’ It never occurred to them that some families don’t need to be preserved.

  186. Hi Squirrel.

  187. Lunch at the Grille Room, bitchachos.

  188. I am stuck with brats, brisket, and stuffed jalapenos.

  189. Load Heat and/or BBF material


  190. “Some families don’t need to be preserved.” Jewstin nailed it. My cousin, Cathy, is an addict. All 3 of her kids are addicts. Her children were in and out of the system in CA and NM. Her oldest daughter is a heroine addict. My aunt and uncle have been in AZ with their youngest great grandchild. He was born addicted. Cathy’s youngest daughter lives in Albuquerque. She called the cops on herself one night because she was too high and was worried she’d hurt the baby. She gets supervised visits with Alejandro. Cathy’s son is in jail. Drugs are bad…mmkay.

  191. I bought applewood smoked bacon from the meat counter today knowing Paula and I have the day off tomorrow and it’s going to be another blizzard.

  192. Queso and chips, Green chile cheeseburger sliders, and onion rings. Spicy bloody mary’s.

  193. Nothing like scooping up 6 inches of snow and digging out 2 cars to complete a Super Bowl Sunday.

  194. I made buffalo wing caramel corn

  195. >>>Nothing like scooping up 6 inches of snow and digging out 2 cars to complete a Super Bowl Sunday.

    How about the Big Game?

  196. Our homemade bacon will scorch if we cook it like regular bacon.
    We have to turn down the heat and cook it slow. I have no idea why.

  197. >>> Cathy’s son is in jail. Drugs are bad…mmkay.

    My brother has raised 4 kids inherited from his partner’s sisters who have either died from AIDS or done time. He adopted the last one who used to have the name of “Jesus”. Name was changed at the same time as the adoption.

  198. I made buffalo wing caramel corn

    I sense a great disturbance in The force…

  199. Jimbro, my aunt wanted Dan and I to take Cathy’s youngest kids when they were still toddlers. We would only do it if it was a legal adoption and no visitation. I wasn’t willing to be a babysitter. I used to feel guilty about not getting the kids out of that environment.

  200. I am stuck with brats, brisket, and stuffed jalapenos.

    Why no shrimp?

    Charlotte McKinney is on deck for BBF.

  201. My brother’s partner had several sisters. The older kids they raised are now in their 20’s and have their own kids now. They currently have a girl at 16 and a boy of 5 or 6 now. They spend a week or two at our camp in the summer and our boys love their visits. Pretty sure the parents, when alive, had visitation. I can easily understand your hesitation about visitation rights.

  202. Laura might be getting some clams on her way home.

  203. Jimbro, my uncle is 82. My aunt is 75. They have been in AZ taking care of the baby since he was born. Going on 7 months. He can’t leave AZ. His mom gets to visit him with supervision once a week. She keeps flunking her drug tests and keeps getting put into rehab or hospital. No one in the family wants to take the baby unless legal adoption, no visitation. I’m glad that the boys will have those family memories with their cousins.

  204. Brady looks like he has Wooden Teeth.

  205. That’s rough Oso…If I’m alive at 82 I want to see kids run around my yard and then go home before the senior discount ends at Country Buffet.

  206. heh, they censored the swearing in Caddyshack on IFC, and left in the nudity.

  207. I been waitin’ all day for Sunday Night.

  208. Jimbro, I see so many grandparents rearing their grandkids. SMH At Sam’s this morning, I was working in the baby area. Woman with her adult son came by, he was buying 3 different packages of diapers. Actually, she was. From what I overheard, they were buying diapers for 3! different baby mama’s and he wanted Huggies for one baby and Member’s Mark for the other 2. His mom was pissed that he was playing favorites.

  209. I hear that douchebag is wearing gold shoes today.

  210. Cyn, will you be able to see the flyover?

  211. My Aunt and Uncle are caring for their grandson. Dad is back in jail, and mom has four kids by different men and is in jail as well.

    Really messed up situation. I occasionally get letters from Oregon CYS asking if I want to be a part of his life.

  212. Recruiting in Gary, IN saw a LOT of kids being raised by G’ma.

  213. That’s a tough one CoAlex. I imagine that Gary, IN was full of Gentle Giants like Mike Brown being raised by G’ma.

  214. FFS she sucks.

  215. I always felt a bit of sympathy for the Joes who had come from those situations and were trying their damndest to get out of them. When they screwed up you could tell the ones who really didn’t understand that they had done something wrong, because it was what they had done their entire lives.

  216. When I was working as a CPA, we saw grandparents raising the grandkids all the time. Really rough on some of them.

  217. See it all the time in the office. When you finally meet the biological parents you feel relieved the GP’s are running the show. I’ve been doing this a long time and have seen a few irresponsible parents get their shit together and grow the fuck up.

  218. One of my college roomies was raised by her grandparents in the Bronx. I could not eat at the same table with her. She had no table manners. Could not even use a knife and fork. She thought I was rayciss. When we finally had it out, I found out she was intimidated by white people, cutlery, and napkins. My dad was appalled by my mom’s table manners, so he drilled “Hondo” out of us. My German uncle was even tougher on his kids.

  219. Too far away to see anything.

    In fact, we were just talking that with Luke AFB so close to the stadium, the pre-flight checks will take longer than the actual fly-over.

  220. My mom did a better job with her foster kids than she did we us. They still visit her.

  221. Cyn, that’s ok. Just the Thunderbirds. Not like it was the Blue Angels.

  222. http://tinyurl.com/n8gtv65

  223. Pepe, heh.

  224. Only 25 or so minutes late for kickoff, there’s a new poat!


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