MMM 505

It’s still August, and it’s still hot as heck here, but we’re getting rain and t-storms every few days, not the drought the rest of the continent seems to have right now. It’s going to be dicey getting the second cutting of hay for the year, and we won’t be getting a third. I hear that it’s going for $24 a square bale (50#) out in CA (drought, mostly, but the high cost of urea this year is starting to hit with this as well). Going to be a lot of horses looking for new homes at that price.

Michelle in blue.

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born March 7th, 1994 in Kyoto, Japan. She stands 5‘ 3” and measures 422336 and 130 lbs. Please welcome Miss Shion Utsunomiya AKA Anzai Rara / Shiwon Utsunomiya / Siwon Utsunomiya / Rara Anzai / Rion / 安齋らら.

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MMM 503

Prayers for everyone able to attend Dave’s services today, and for his family and friends unknown to the rest of us who also mourn. If a more timely post needs to displace this, go for it.

Tired, or not tired?

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Mega MMM 500

I can’t believe it either. This means that BBF must be old enough to vote.

She fills that dress nicely.

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MMM 498

It’s June already? Where did the time go?


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MMM 497

No Memorial Day content planned from me other than my invitation to remember those who passed in service to the nation, and that the nation they died for will surely be lost without that same courage invigorating us here at home.


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MMM 495

Ides of May already?

Better hop to it.

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MMM 494

It’s a new day! Wait, it is a new day, isn’t it? I mean, there’s this big bright ball in the sky and no snow on the ground, and that’s really weird, but I feel like that’s happened before.

She seems enthusiastic.

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MMM 487

Welcome back. Last full week of March, fourth week of Lent.

Did a couple of these at the playground yesterday. Most exercise I’ve had in a while.

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