Tuesday Night Poat

First, a video. This is important. It sets a tone, although the rest of the poat does not necessary have to conform in content.


Wasn’t that fun? A soft, pleasant canter down memory lane.

I hate to admit it, but I could look at funny cat pictures all frickin’ day and not consider it a waste.


This is a truncated post and there is no further content.

Love you darlings, but I am a tired little biznatch.

MMM 250: Secret Santa Reminder

Y’all got ’til midnight to sign up.  I already have a few emails, but I know it’s not everyone who’s participated before.  DO IT NOW.



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This Post Has No Content/Puppah poat


A picture, such as this, will have to wait.   Elsie must be HELD constantly at this point, and Moose pretty much wants to sniff her all over and over and over. Drooling while he does it.


Not just yet


Here she is.   Snuggled up to my leg when I put her on the ground.



She is TINY.    Sweet as can be. Snuggles right in really deep.



Secret Santa Poat 2016


Punchin’ heretic bishops, old-school.

Anyhow, it’s that time of year again, and I’m humbly stepping up to provide the key function of randomly assigning people to buy presents for other people after they’ve elected to be included in such a scheme.  I don’t know how Cyn did the forms in years past, so if you want in this year, email my user name at the gee mail thingy by midnight Monday (11-28-2016), and I’ll get you a victim’s name by 8am on Tuesday morning.  Please include your name, FULL address, your handle here, and an anecdote about the H2 so I’ll know you aren’t a creepy stalker type (well, one that doesn’t actually comment, anyhow).  We will plan to open presents on Sunday, December 18, at 8pm EST, so HAVE IT IN THE MAIL by December 7.


Hello dog whistlers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Our subjects today are naturally attached to a Romanian Glamour Model, born August 17th, 1989.  She towers over MJ at 5’4″, and measures 42F-28-37.  Please stop being aloof long enough to welcome, Miss Luna Amor!

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Cornucopia of Fun

Lets face it. No matter how tough things get, we can always be thankful for something. 2016 has been marked by a lot of disappointing news but on Election Day we were greeted with wonderful news. Regardless of your feelings about DJT, the fact that Hillary Clinton will not be POTUS is something I, for one, will be giving thanks for on this day.

The feast comes in many forms. Traditional turkey, jazzed up turkey (deep fried, turducken, smoked, spatchcocked, turkey salad, turkey in a Jello mold) or something less conventional such as ham, standing rib roast, prime rib or fish sticks. Hillary supporters will be dining on tofurkey with tears for gravy.


Side dishes spawn great discussion. The primary controversy is whether to call it stuffing or dressing. Despite its common regional dialect, I had to be past the age of 30 before I heard anyone refer to stuffing as dressing. As a kid the stuffing was always in the bird and it tasted good. No one died from stuffing in the bird in my extended family. But someone somewhere fell ill after eating stuffing in the bird or some pointy-headed scientist did a bacterial culture on a commercial turkey left out on the counter all day and it grew salmonella and, BOOM, stuffing is no longer in the bird.

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Glass Wire

I don’t go to art exhibits very often because I’m straight, but this past weekend, wiserbride and I attended a concert at my son’s college and there happened to be an “art” exhibit in the same building.  We had some time to kill and it was free, so what the hell, let’s go take a look, shall we?

It was …..oh, what’s the word…. oh yeah… HILARIOUS!!!!

Basically, the concept here is gluing glass objects together in different ways and then calling it “art.”  Mostly things like old glass ashtrays and eyeglasses, but there were a couple of other glass items used, as in the piece shown above (wherein the arteest uses old Coke and Pepsi bottles and eyeglass lenses to focus our attention on the deep, dark realization that Coke and Pepsi are nothing more than two sides of one evil Big Soft-Drink Worldwide Conglomerate.  Edgy, non?)

I stupidly did not get pictures of the numerous pieces that were hanging randomly on the walls around the gallery that were nothing more than ashtrays from hotel chains like Howard Johnson and Holiday Inn glued together to make frames for pictures of the hotels from which the ashtrays were stolen.  Mundane and manifestly overt, these pieces were quite obviously from the artist’s early developmental period, when he was working the county fair craft tent and cheesy souvenir circuit.

But there were other pieces that I simply could not ignore.

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MM 249: Hmmm?

Crap, Monday again.  Still not tired of winning.


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