HHD – Ghost Pepper Edition

Happy Hump Day!

Squeaky clean

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Nuff said.


Tuesday. Niiiiice.

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MMM 133

Your regular host, Leon, is busy with other stuff, like job and what not. So as with most things in America, the MMM is being outsourced for this week.

To have a great body, you have to put in effort. A lot of it. You have to exercise every part of your body.

Not just the arms.


But Shoulders



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Placeholder Poat

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Big Boob Friday

Hello fuzzy friends, and welcome to Big Boob Friday, Women are from Mars and Men have a Penis edition.



Your model for today was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on February 2nd, 199mumble-mumble. She stands 5’8″ high, and measures in at a surgically enhanced 36DD-24-36 and has been strenuously photo-shopped in every pictorial. I don’t give a good gosh darn because OMG look at this chick! Please stop raking gravel long enough to welcome, Miss Abigail Ratchford!


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Car Review Tuesday

I admit I have been a slacker and have not posted in 45 years or so. I also admit no one comes to the hostages looking for car reviews. It is something that interested me, and I thought I would give my opinion. Carry on with all the usual silliness in the comments, and completely ignore the content. It is expected without question here.

Last week I rented a 2013 Challenger R/T. It looked a lot like this:


Taken from my hotel room

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