MMM 455

Is is really Monday again? Already?

She’s ready for Monday. At bit too much bronzer, though.

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MMM 454

It’s Monday again. Make it a good one.

Good lighting here.

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MMM 451

It’s going to be a rough, damp week here on the farm.


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MMM 450

Mega hard thunderstorm last night here. Chickens survived even though the door to the coop was left open, so that’s good.

This is one of those weird kinks some people are in to, I think, because I’m pretty sure that’s her underwear and not “athliesure coture”.

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MMM 443

Welcome back. The week begins, and fresh hell will be upon us any moment. Hope your coffee is hot and your socks are clean.

Redhead bonus points.

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MMM 441

Block editor is being a bitch today, and it’s threatening to kill my laptop, so we’re going to keep this short. Good morning!

I can’t do this, and I’m okay with that.

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MMM 440

Welcome back.

Suggested thread topic: things that take longer than 6 months to test before production.

In need of vigorous, productive testing.

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MMM 439

It’s that time again. May your coffee be hot, your commute safe, and management macro.


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MMM 438

Man, this was a good set of pictures back when it aired the first time. Wonder if these girls have put on the Covid-50?

I eventually got used to lifting in glasses.

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