Super Bowl poat or whatever

It’s that time of year again, kids! I hope your cooler is stocked, your grill is hot, and your lady friend knows to keep her yap shut, because the Super Bowl is here!!!
This year, we have the Seahawks battling the Patriots for the right to drink beer out of this here pimp cup:
I’m torn, because Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks went to Cal and I like to support players from my Alma Mater, but b-rad likes them, so…go Pats?
Anyway, whichever team you’re hoping covers the spread, I think we can all agree that Katy Perry has some nice tittays, even if she does some weird shit with them.


  1. I’ve missed my grid payoffs on 0-0 so far.

  2. I’m just here so I don’t get fined.

  3. Almost totally not-ghey; nice work, Seen.

  4. Thank you, Cyn. I’m not even gonna call you a DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER for that.

    Oh, and oso:

  5. Dan yells ONE time at the TV and MA is under the bed and I have a 20# wiener in my lap.

  6. Katy better have nice tittays, she paid enough for them.

  7. Awwww

  8. Oso has a 20# wiener? TMI

  9. 20# wiener is gassy.

  10. I have a 20# wiener in my lap.

    What a coincidence………. ;)

  11. Wiener jokes…like your mom they never get old.

  12. OMG I think Gingy is faking the fear. She just wants to crop-dust me.

  13. Heh, the Breaking Bad esurance ad.

  14. GhettoBowl.

  15. FYI American victims in Kabul have been identified. Peanut wasn’t one of them. He still hasn’t been on FB. He was friends with all 3 per his brother.

  16. Dan’s “Suck it Brady! Suck it Belichick!” dance with crotch grabs didn’t go over well with Gingy.

  17. Hahahahaha One end of the joint is rooting for NE, the other end is for SEA. I’m sitting with the SEA crowd, not that I give a shit, I’m just better friends with these guys.

  18. And there’s over a foot of snow and still falling. I’ve never spent the night in the ghetto bar.

  19. Okay, that Camry commercial brought a tear.


  21. Rooooaaaarrr

  22. I don’t know who Katy Perry is.

  23. Katy Perry just started to sing. Dan is yelling Boobs boobs boobs! We want to see boobs! from the kitchen. Where the man belongs.

  24. She’s this chick with big tits that they’ve decided to hide for this performance because this is for gay guys or something.

  25. Gimmick act. She kissed a girl. Was married to Russell Brand for a bit.

  26. Dan: She’s the Hot Dog on a Stick girl. Is she getting me a lemonade?

  27. Somebody should have stuffed Katy Perry in a locker and let Lenny Kravitz do the halftime show.

  28. This is for Dan:

  29. Those dancing sharks were Awesome!

  30. Was that Missy Elliott? She’s still alive? Good for her.

    Still, that involved a distinct lack of titties.

  31. Sean, I showed Dan your gif. He thanks you.

  32. “The more you know” star. Hunh.

  33. Yes it was Missy; I had to essplain who she was.

  34. Oh, look, it’s a boob.

  35. If no nip slips, we demand moar dancing sharks.

  36. I was lurking IB when Michael and Cathy hosted the SB party in OH. I love you guys.

  37. Dancing beach balls, if in pairs, could represent bewbs. Ya know, in an artistic way.

  38. My TV is having problems with Turkeyneck’s shirt and tie.

  39. A friend posted this on FB.

    Full disclosure I don’t actually know the rules of football. But that’s OK neither does Bill Belichick.

  40. Belichunk knows. He just chooses to cheat. How many championships did the greatest coach ever get with the Browns? Drops mic. Spits. (I still have lots of phlegm)

  41. SuperBowlofDicks

  42. Lippy is on Twitter. Why isn’t she here? With us?

  43. This is his 6th Superbowl, nobody has been to more.

  44. Lippy is on Twitter. Why isn’t she here? With us?

    She knows better?

  45. How many that haven’t been tainted with cheating?

  46. CoAlex, that isn’t good enough!!!

  47. BTW, Buffalo Wing Popcorn is delicious.

  48. He got caught once.

    How many times for Pete Carroll?

  49. Sounds good, J’ames. Green chile was weak. Fresh jalapeño in queso was better.

  50. Truther Pete Carroll? The guy that’s just asking questions? That POS?

  51. Put it on hostagerecipes, oso.

  52. J’ames, can o’cheese. Chopped jalapeño.

  53. His burger recipe is burger with seasoning, green chile on burger, cheese.

  54. Money wagered was almost 2:1 on New England.

    If this holds up, Vegas and organized crime are going to have one of their best days ever.

  55. Scott, si.

  56. Searchlight will probably have another “Exercise” incident. IYKWIMAITTYD?

  57. Haha, I meant I put the popcorn on H2recipes. I can make queso.

    I like mexican velveeta and salsa, myself.

  58. Hahaha I may have had too much bourbon.

  59. Dan starts tipping at 20%. Goes up and down from there. Blah blah interned at some Inn in Taos. I’m making drinks. He is 10 feet away. Just got a PM: every time I have to PM costs you $ on the tip. He’s PMd me 3 times. He doesn’t tip at home.

  60. Dan seems to think that he can drink more than me because “Taller;Heavier”

  61. He doesn’t know about your hollow leg?

  62. Do you drink like a girl?

  63. Looks like they are trying to make this interesting ’til the end.
    I can’t help but wonder how much mob money is on this game, and who they bought…

  64. I drink like a fish! (I have no idea what that means)

  65. Lots of mob money. They bought the line judge. And NBC.

  66. The mob wants Seattle.

  67. Scott, I wasn’t paying attention. What’s the line?

  68. I think the first half over/under was 28.

    Bookies were the only ones who won that bet.

  69. Hell, I want Seattle to win, too.
    And I don’t watch football. Everyone in this state is so hyped-up about the Seahawks that there will be mass DUIs and suicides if the Hawks lose. These people are nuckin’ futz!
    The cops here are running around catching folks selling Chinese knock-off Hawks gear out of their vans all over the state. It’s like some kind of mass-hysteria…

  70. Most places were Seattle -1.

  71. There will be mass DUIs whoever wins, Crispy.

  72. :poop: Stoopid Deflatriots.

  73. Helluva drive

  74. Who ever heard of a football player named Julian Edelman? Sounds more like the name of an English professor.

  75. Sean,
    Mass DUI is true. All the cops here, state, county, and city, are running overtime tonight to keep those fools from killing people. I wish them success…

  76. O M G We’ve got a ballgame!

  77. That’s it. God hates the Patriots.

  78. Bellichik has moobs.

  79. FACK!!!!




  83. “We” won!!!

  84. Give Brady credit? Really pencil neck? Really?

  85. Incredible, just incredible.

  86. For not caring about either team, good game.

  87. I’m buying Patriots logo tattoos for anyone who wants one at the H2

  88. Get one for xbrad.

  89. Football and a fight. Good game.

  90. Pat the Patriot or the Jean Francois Patriot?

  91. Tattooees choice!

  92. They couldn’t have scripted that any better.

  93. Moot point!!! Diabetics can’t get tats! Burn!

  94. Just get a Sharpie, oso.

  95. I guess Tom Brady gets to once again exercise the “Cornhole Clause” of his marriage with Gisele.

  96. You’re not my real dad!!!

  97. AKA Gisele with the dildo and Wolverine Tom with the Squeal Like A Pig!

  98. It was the Seventies. There’s no way for your mom to know for sure.

  99. Patriots win, and we all have tomorrow off!


  100. And geeks and hipsters in Seattle can go back to hating sports once again. All is right with the world.

  101. Ground Hog Day is a national holiday now?

  102. Did anybody storm out of anybody else’s Super Bowl party because nobody could guarantee that any of the snacks were certified organic or fair trade today?

  103. >>>Ground Hog Day is a national holiday now?

    Party central

  104. I H8 groundhog killing commie DeBlasio.

  105. All we have to do tomorrow is shovel.

    Screw you Seattle!

    …also….you need a bath.

  106. I was prepared, if the Sea Hawks won, for sounds of a firefight, out here in the country.
    I was met by SILENCE.
    No mortars, machine-guns, no nothing.
    It was as if thousands of redneck voices cried out, and then were silenced…

  107. LOL ChrisP

  108. Chris, they’ve already broken out their emergency stash.

  109. Oso,
    For each touchdown, the field-goal, there was gun-fire, shit exploding..
    When the game ended, there was silence…

  110. Did millions of voices cry out in terror?

  111. ChrisP, welcome to my world. We did have a woman gunned down in the parking lot of the local TGIF though

  112. A day off? Seriously?

  113. It’s snowmagedden or something up here.

  114. 60s all week here. Snow looks pretty on the MtNs

  115. Snow day!

  116. Storm is forecast to arrive around 0800. The boys are counting on no school. There’s gonna be some major bitching in the morning if they have to go.

  117. Woohoo!

  118. I took the day of on purpose. With the storm most of my patients would have no showed anyway.

  119. It’s still snowing. It’s lighter, but we already have 12″.

    I’m shoveling tomorrow morning until tomorrow afternoon.

  120. Cyn! How ya’ doing?

  121. Patriots won it for Aaron Hernandez

  122. Had to go drown a puppy.

  123. What kind of puppy?

  124. Headed for bed–sleeping pills are a bitch if you happen to still be upright and there’s no sleeping without ’em.


  125. Mwah Cynabuns!

  126. XBrad <3 Cynnabuns.

    Get some rest, Sugar.

  127. It was the @Nationwide kid’s black lab, Oso.

  128. MMM scheduled for 550am.

  129. So….

    Sharks, or beachballs?

  130. With Tara Reid you get both!

  131. Sharkballs.

  132. Laura’s “kill Sean” approach to commenting is starting to make a great deal of sense.

  133. countdown to spring….

  134. How can it be that we can
    Say so much without words?
    Derp you and derp me
    Derp the bees
    And the birds
    I’ve got to be near you
    Every night, every day
    I couldn’t be happy
    Any other way

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