Hostages Meatup Wishmobile

Do you really understand how such a transporation option could revolutionize Hostages Meatups? It would only take two or three of these spread around the driveways of our more well-to-do Hostages. They’re only $194,000 each. Who wants to get on the waiting list?

Who’s Ready for a Cocktail?

I am! 

Submit your new cocktail recipes here. Then make it and send it to me to sample. Thank you in advance.

The dating scene really sucks

I linked a couple of these videos over the weekend, but I think they deserve their own poat…

I hate it when a fellow Hostage shows up during dinner.


Chivalry may be dead, but that’s just because all you wimmens have husbands and/or boyfriends.  FUCK YOU!!!

The MCPO and Xbrad Meat-Up

What the fuck is this shit.


漢字仮名交じり文 SMOKY JET!

How ’bout some light political banter today?

New Amazon Customer Review Funny

This is an $88,000 watch for sale on

It’s actually a $145,000 watch but if you buy it from Amazon you can save $57,000.  Hahaha.

There are 72 customer reviews that are comedy gold.  I was in tears.



If by some cruel twist of fate you missed the steering wheel desk, HERE you go.  Be sure you have some extra diapers handy because you’re going to pee all over yourself.

But from laughing this time.

In addition to the customer reviews, be sure you check out the customer images that have been added.

Banglar Sunday Poat

Jackbooted racist teabagging thug.


Chewbacca, kindergarten.


If I was in dead sleep, I doubt I would want some smelly hippie fucking with me.







scott found this while rummaging through the garbage looking for his apple bong.

Welcome to The Hostages Drive In Movies


Please note: The concession stand closes at midnight. Also people in cars must be visible from the shoulders up at all times – no exceptions.

First feature film:

Second feature film:

Midnight special film:

Warning: Anyone caught throwing used personal hygiene/protection items into the parking lot will be ejected from the premises. No exceptions.