MMM 155: this weird institution is still alive

Man, here we are again for another short week of work (for most of us). Do you even need motivating today?

Well I do, because I’m working every day but Thursday, and most of the rest of my team isn’t. So here we go.

Pupster is lurking behind her. Well played, pooch.
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Aminal Cuteness

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A Three Day Eggnog Binge


I thought I was the only one.


Big Boob Friday

Howdy box-cutters, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



This guy should just not talk.


Your model for today was born on June 6th, 1990 in Manchester, England. She stoops 5’2″ tall, and measures 32-27-33 with GG accoutrements.

Please stop playing with your favorite new toy and welcome, Miss Robyn Alexandra!

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Merry Christmas







MMM 154: I was late getting in the door

No time to motivate y’all, gotta get back on the clock. So pictures.
Merry Christmas (Abbot)
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Fifth Annual Secret Santa Gift Opening Poatsy 2014

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