Hoppin’ New Year!

2012 is the year! The year where it all changes!!

It’s gonna get better.  I can feel it.  Yes, this is the year of Wiserbud!




9th Place Filler Post

Picasso?  Dali?  Da Vinci?  Michaelangelo?  Morons.  Witness the greatest artwork, from any galaxy.

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Push it Down Hard

Did you know Mare used to be a little Chinese boy?

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Poating PJM-style ZOMFG Squeeeee!

I’m still working but here’s a new place to play. Here is the SQUEEEEE part of this new poat:

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Ugly Avatars–ACTIVATE!

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What Scott was really doing at his private swimming hole

Of course, he was probably doing this naked, except for the mask.

Some people really have too much free time….