Day is Boring, Let’s Have BBF!

Nothing happens on February 28th, judging by the list of events for the day. I couldn’t find a single thing to celebrate.

So, to start The Most Boring BBF Evah!™, we will begin with a compilation of the best Vines from September, 2013 instead of a video. Enjoy!

In keeping with the theme, today’s model isn’t famous for anything, other than being on social media. She calls herself a swimwear model, but I didn’t see any ads in my extensive research. But she does love Tumblr! Everybody welcome Brittany Santos!



Quite a comely lass, wouldn’t you say?
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Not right, necessary

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Car in’s Riveting Story Part IX

First, let’s talk about some British loser on CNN that had less fewer viewers than we do. (fixt)

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MMM 111: Surely some of these angels fell from Heaven

Weekend’s over, and thank goodness. I thought that would never end! Finally, I can get back to work and feel productive again. I know you’re all excited too.

Here, I made you this, you look like you need it.

I don’t know what sport she’s geared up for, but I’m a fan.
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Top of the World

Hello Hostages, Pupster here with your uplifting poat of the day.

Triumph is kind of a funny word, three umphs for the win.

Every moment of your lifetime
Every minute every day
Fight the good fight every moment
Make it worth the price we pay

L to R

Hostage Problems, Pupster

And again.

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Cover Me

You can all thank Cyn for this. A post on cover tunes was her idea.

In fact, she pretty much threatened me with grievous bodily harm if I didn’t do a cover tunes post.

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Sometimes you just gotta scream

Poat in a hurry

Fresh new poat.

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