Herdie Herdie Her


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The End is Nigh or Something

So, there’s supposed to be a lunar eclipse or a supermoon or a blood moon or all three tonight. I think the gist of it is that the moon is supposed to blow up or some junk. I’m not sure, but Roamy could probably blind you with the science behind it. That is, if the moon wasn’t fake. Anyway, these guys wrote a song to celebrate the occasion:

More moon facts below the jump:
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Let It Snow!

In order to stay on topic like we usually do, I decided to poat about something a lot of us have in common today:


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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MMM 133

Your regular host, Leon, is busy with other stuff, like job and what not. So as with most things in America, the MMM is being outsourced for this week.

To have a great body, you have to put in effort. A lot of it. You have to exercise every part of your body.

Not just the arms.


But Shoulders



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It’s Tushar’s Fault

He linked these…

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Popular this weekend I guess.




I’m sure I’ll get fussed at over this. But this is how I roll.