H2 Eulogies

We gather here today to mourn the passing of:

Jewstin – by BlackisWhite

LauraW – by MCPO

Mrs. Peel – by GMLand (aka: GHEE)

Hotspur – by roamingfirehydrant

BlackisWhite – by Jewstin

MCPO – by DaveinTexas

Americano – by Mrs. Peel

MJ – by LauraW

Rosetta – by BlackisWhite

DaveinTexas – by Wiserbud

Car In – by Hotspur

Wiserbud – by Car In

Cyn – by MJ

RoamingFireHydrant – by Cyn

GMLand (aka GHEE) – Americano

These were all awesome and a ton of fun.

In the meantime, we also should remember an original Hostage, Patty Ann.

Despite never having had the pleasure of meeting her, I have to admit that a) I miss her every day and b) knowing that she no longer walks this mortal coil makes this world a sadder place.

I’m sure we all remember PA warmly and so I offer the following links:

In Memoriam – Cathy/Herr Morgenholz

Flowers for PattyAnn – By Wiserbud

Goodbye for Now, PatriciaAnnabella – by Rosetta

John’s letter to the Hostages

We will always miss you, PattyAnn.