A Weekend Poat of Bad Baby Advice

That’s the baby’s feet you perverts.


Fireworks, like peanut butter, can be introduced at a young age to help to develop immunity and tolerance.


Your children will probably like the same things you do, encourage them to participate in your favorite activities and interests.


Bogus Nachos Muchachos, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


This video is so 80’s I just tied a potato to my belt.


Your model for today is from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and is half Irish half Chinese, which I guess means she can only drive well when she’s drunk. She stands 5’2″ tall and a very sporty 99lbs, 32F-24-34. She’s pretty much the most wholesome looking porn star ever, if you are into that sort of thing. She has this snaggly little canine tooth that just….I just…OK never mind. Please stop asking for baby updates long enough to welcome, Miss Shae Summers!

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Babygate 2015: Year of the Sheep Edition

A new use for pallets

Caan we get some nipple stimulation?

I heard it works

So that’s how it works.

We’re all waiting with bated breath. Best wishes for a stress free delivery.

St. Elmo’s Wire

Welcome to a special The Wire in which I highlight Dave Lyle.  American Artist.


Region capture 23

This Son of a Bitch paints these large scale paintings and many of them look like photographs.


Region capture 24

Region capture 25

Lyle’s paintings are sometimes as large as 8′.  He draws his inspiration from family photo albums.


Region capture 26

Region capture 27

His work has been featured in The New Yorker and The LA Times.  He has a small workspace in Lower Manhattan.


Region capture 28

Region capture 29

Region capture 30

Dave Lyle.  A real MFer, a great painter, and my friend since 1986,  Catch his art shows in New York any ole time.

Thanx for viewing.

Have a wonderful day.

MMM 184: Still Waiting

Might be today, might not. No signs as of Sunday evening.

So, my mind’s a little preoccupied, as you might imagine. I found this set a while ago and decided to forgo the Algorithm for this week and just run the lot of them.

Yoga is a sex cult.
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Meanwhile, at Bizarro H2…

I guess that site would be called “The Kidnappers.”

Manly stuff


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