Here is a pic of your dad


While I learn the intricacies of my new MacIntosh  product this is it for today. Busy week for me: partner is on vacation, nurse is in FLA and it’s school vacation…hold me!

Feel free to add updates. Let’s make this a community project.



This is for Mare:

This is for Jimbro:

MMM 262: the start of year 6


So I reckon these things mostly by how often I have 52 binders’ worth of weeks in the can, but last week was the end of year 5 of this august institution, making this the beginning of year 6.  How time flies, amirite?

RBF sufferer?


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Good Dog Weekend

Mare Dog

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Big Blam Frooday

Tushar sent me an email yesterday after watching Trump’s press conference with dire warnings of peak boner. I believe our newest American is loving winning more each day even if he has a constant headache from lack of blood flow.

I wanted you to know that I gave your mom a chance to name this song. What a dirty slut.

Today’s model  hails from the country of Whatevestan. She’s smoking hot, has giant boobs, and to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not even sure these pictures of the same walking boobs girl. Please give a hearty, healthy, and very warm welcome to RION.

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Teh Luv Sessy Poat

V-Day has come and gone and hopefully your celebration was everything you wanted it to be.  I’m not really a Valentine’s Day guy because I think it’s a manufactured holiday designed to ring up sales in the retail market during a slow time in the winter months. Try telling that to your partner if he or she is a “believer“. I think something small is in order like a witty card, some good chocolate and a home cooked meal (do leftovers count?). “Toys” are a dicey proposition that can come back to bite you in the ass so to speak. Maybe your celebration consisted of some dancing involving a ‘good’ female dancer, performed by an (nsfw) avatar: Because…science.

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