Mind Over Mattress

When I read that Columbia University is being sued by the man “not responsible” for sexually assaulting another student it makes me happy. Emma Sulkowicz, has since began carrying a mattress around the university as part of an art projecArt is a reflection of culture and, in my estimation, the pendulum has swung pretty far to the left. It may be a pipe dream but I really want to believe it will move back a little closer to the center. Who knows, I may be crazy but I think we’ve reached peak tranny.

Big Boob Friday

I think we should all thank xbradlock, lawyer to the assholes, for putting up the worst post in H2 history. It was a pretty high bar to clear but he made it happen. Way to go, xbrad.


Today’s music selection is from an obscure musician that resides in SoCal. He’s been around the block, making records for a few years. I think you know where this is going…and boy howdy, that bear can play the skins.


This is Emily Shaw. She has a really weird body, face, and doesn’t like to smile. Her interests include looking confused, being confused, and general confusion. She also has really big natural cans. How is a confused, barely intelligible girl to make a living? What say you, mare?



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Court is now in session.

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Yes, it’s absolutely real.

MMM 171: Getting on a plane

First trip to Fairfax in a couple of months in a few hours, so even less effort than usual.

Checking for lint.
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Give Em What They Want

I think you know where this is going…

True story: I saw Natalie Merchant at U of I with Sheryl Anderson. It was sugary sweet.

Cheerful woman eating chocolate

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Here’s Your Order – Enjoy

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