Tuesday Random Crap

I went to a blacksmithing class on Sunday.  It was a letter opener class, and there were only three of us there, which was nice because it made the class fairly leisurely.  The instructor showed us the basics of the project, and then turned us loose in the forge while she walked around and offered comments and suggestions.  This was the second class that I’ve taken at Adam’s Forge, and I really enjoy it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to attend a few open forge nights in the near future.


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MMM 271: Zero Effort Edition

It’s late.  Baby was up late, and I have zero effs to give this morning.  Hopefully completing this gets me some effs so I can get all the way to effort.



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Digit de Poisson


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BBF- Repeat from Back When I Was Funny


THIS IS A REPOST from March 16, 2012.  I usually do these a week in advance but I am sick and it (was) my birthday so deal.

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Tuning The Page

Good Job.  We kept The Candle going for a whole year.

Catch ya later, Phatass.

On with Teh Funnah headers!


-sorry for the stomp, Jimebro.  xoxo

IV.XX : Pass The Doritos Brah

It’s here again, the combination of numerals that allegedly stand for marijuana on the police radio code system or something like that. Urban Dictionary, the arbitrator of all things funky says 4-20 is from a group of stoners called the waldos who met at that time to get high. Really, who gives a flying TURD.

Hopefully the video plays. Lately they all need to be watched on YT even though it looks like they’re here.

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