Hello boys and girls, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your features today are tastefully enhanced on a fitness model, born on March 11th, 1981 in Clearwater, Florida.  She stands 5’6″ tall, 118lbs, 36C-25-34.  Please stop working for Ford long enough to welcome Miss Christine Marie LeMaster!


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Let’s all think warm thoughts

So, Super Bowl is over and the rest of the winter lies ahead. It’s been a comparatively mild season so far but I’m not letting my guard down yet. I’m not into fake tanning and hate to fly so a tropical vacation isn’t happening. To stay warm I stoke the wood stove, wear a thick hoodie, drink hot tea and eat hot food. This year I’ll try to plant some hot peppers. My timing was off last year and we were back and forth to camp before I potted them. And they died…sad face. Now for some things that make me think of warmer weather.

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HHD – in a pinch

Ok, looks like we’re in the lurch for today (WHERE’S ROAMY???) so Imma gonna throw this up.

There is nothing more attractive than a talented man … so this is what I’m going for today.

And then, of course, there’s this:

Musician Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age

ca. 2003 — Musician Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age — Image by © Joseph Cultice/CORBIS OUTLINE


As far as hot musicians go, I don’t think anyone could disagree with this choice:




This man is aging veery well.




And this video is filled with yummy goodness.



These guys are kinda cute too.


I’m sure I’ve disappointed you all with my rush-job here, but as a ways of apologizing, here’s a picture of Chris Hemsworth. cmo-ooiuaaap4cz_large


Thank you all very kindly and have a nice day.


Hangar Wire

David Mach

B. 1956 Methil, U.K.

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Super Bowl Preview (and also probably Super Bowl Poat, because you’re a bunch of lazy assholes)

It’s that time of year again, where the air is buzzing with excitement, everyone is talking about their favorite players, and there are parties galore! I am speaking, of course, of Black History Month.

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Hello Thundercats, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Our features for the day are naturally attached to an actress and model born on November 23rd, 1979 in Rochester, Kent England UK. She stands 5’6″ tall, 142 lbs and 30FF-24-35. Please stop your motorboat long enough to welcome, Miss Kelly Brook!

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Thursday Schlongathon

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Thursday Remembering

Throwing Muses was a band that was around in the 80’s-90’s era with talented musicians but no wide appeal beyond a local following. In other words, they were tailor made for a couple of rock club nerds like my younger brother and me. Somehow I caught wind of a concert they were playing at WPI which was less than 200 yards away from the apartment we were renting. We paid our $5 and entered the gym where they were playing which was filled with engineering students, most of whom had never heard their music. When the lights dimmed and they started playing we started cheering like maniacs, not caring what anyone thought of us. We spent a lot of similar nights in clubs in Boston, Cambridge and Worcester drinking cheap beer and listening to bands.

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