The Logical Meme

We’re all just confused, in need of something that makes sense.

Reporting for duty, SIR!

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MMM 406: The Wall of Arwad (Ruad)

There’s a tiny island in the eastern Mediterranean that has been a fortification of sorts for a lot of different people, it appears.  The wall in question is almost gone today, having been quarried for newer construction at various points in time since the earliest known Roman occupation, but once encircled the entire island.  The giant stones don’t appear to be originally from the island based on geology, so the mystery is how they even got the things to the island on anything less than a massive boat-lift.  The wall got it’s name when the island was known as Arwad, but the island is now known as Ruad.  It’s off the coast of Syria, so I’ll let you guess why the name might have changed.

This is what remains of the wall that used to go all around the island.


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The Trees are Memeing

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



FYI:  the song of the day gets a little raunchy at the 0600 mark, if you make it that far Jimbro.


Your model for today was born on November 15th, 1993 in Florida, USA.  She stands 5′ 5” and measures 38E2436 and 121 lbs.  Please make some room for Miss Dillion Carter.


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Homer Art

No, not homoerotic art. Not art by Homer Simpson. Art by the great Winslow Homer.

Now he was a man who appreciated a fancy cock.


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Memorial Day 2020

Today, we remember those fallen in battle in defense of our nation, her peoples, and her principles.

Michigan War Veterans memorial in Detroit, Michigan, situated in the now-abandoned State Fair grounds.


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Take Meme With You

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