Let My Meme Open The Door

You didn’t think you were getting a normal version, did you? Silly H2.

Quiz on Candidate (and relatives) Nicknames:

Communist curmudgeon

Gropey Joe

$50,000 a month stripper impregnator

Heap Big Hack

the Hero of Kandahar

Moses of the Midwest

looks like a disgruntled koala

(inspired by Kurt Schlichter’s Townhall column)

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MMM 392: Palanque

Today, we return to Mexico for the Mayan ruins of Palanque, which date to somewhere between the time of the writing of the book of Isaiah and the start of the troubles in the middle east as what would be known as Islam was just getting started (~226 BC to AD 799 or so).1400-poi-palenque-mayan-ruins-temple.imgcache.rev13faaa9bb65cdaf2cd67da30cdeb74d0.web.jpg

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Meme Driver


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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation on September 11th, 1989.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 38D2838 and 135 lbs.  Please pop a cork and pour one out for Miss Anna Polina!


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Shiplap Paddywack, Give Your Mom The Bone

People talking about shiplap like everyone knows what the heck it is.






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Too Late For Meme

Sorry, got busy yesterday.

But, at least I didn’t do this!


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MMM 391: Easter Island

These are actually very modern megaliths, no older than 1200 AD, but still quite impressive, just not in the sense of wonder one gets when considering ancient civilizations.  Still, they were made without steel tools, which is quite a feat for anyone.


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Not Meme


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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is from London, England and was born on the 4th of July, 1996.  She stands 5′ 8″ and sports a natural set of 32 double J’s.  Please follow my lead and welcome  Miss Bella Brewer!


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