Tears for Memes

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Meme was Yesterday

No, we haven’t skipped Tuesday, stay tuned!

I know, you were scared. It’s ok.

I’ll give you some memes now.


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Stump The Hump II

You know the drill.



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Stump The Hump

Round One, “The Easy One” Picture ID … GO!


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It’s Jordan Binnington’s World, We’re Just Living In It

Let’s begin this poat with a New Hamster-based metal band with a sense of humor. Without further ado L & G’s, I give you the oddly melodic, entirely profane, yet-in-the-end, satisfying sounds of Scissorfight!

Be sure to check out the dulcet tones of Scissorfight’s “Outmotherfucker The Man” from their Piscataqua CD! On many a long trip out of Maine this is a happy sight on the journey home.

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ACD: Acute Canine Deficiency


Since we’ve been deprived of puppy photos and/or videos I thought I’d try to make up for that deficiency here.


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Pet Peeves


As  drove into town the other day I encountered one of my classic pet peeves. Every day to and from Bangor there are 3 separate passing zones. And it seems like at least once a day I encounter a slow driver who immediately guns it when they come to the passing zone. It’s like they’ve suddenly discovered where the gas pedal is located. Since they’re probably going to go slow when the passing zone is over there’s really no choice but to pass them at highway speeds. Madness.

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