Hello hummers and dogs who know the words, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model today was born on March 19, 1995 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.  She measures 30G-24-32 on the headturner scale, and stands 5’10” and the obligatory 125 lbs.  Please get off the barre and welcome, Miss Jamie Love aka Alice Brookes!

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Weekend Storytime with Mare


A new building across the street from us is now finished and people are moving in. The neighbors in our building have been really nice, mind their own business (except a Mrs. kravitz like lady two doors down, she gets a pass because she is the neighborhood watch lady), are friendly and by all appearances normal.

Yesterday while my husband and I were loading kayaks onto our truck in front of our place a new neighbor lady comes over, we introduce ourselves and she asks where we like to kayak. I told her about a few spots, then she immediately starts telling me about another new neighbor who closed just two hours ago….

Part 2

Before I tell you what she said about the neighbor who just closed, I will describe this lady. She is short and has very wild and wiry gray hair. I think she’s my age or younger but looks older (at least my husband thought so). Walks fast like she’s on a mission. She had kind of strange lisp (I AM NOT MAKING FUN OF THAT, JUST PAINTING A PICTURE) and talked very fast, so I had to concentrate.

In a 4 minute conversation she said that the neighbor who just closed was visiting his place on New Years Day and when he saw her (they had never met) he introduced himself and then wanted to give her a New Years Hug and kiss. She put her hand out (she demonstrated) and said, “No, I can’t, I have strep throat!” I said, not understanding at first, “Yes, strep is going around.” Then she said, “No, he was just weird.” I said, “Ahhh, thanks for the heads up!” She then goes on to tell me during that same conversation with this guy he says, “My bank is closed and I need cash, can I write you a check?” She says, “I don’t think so!”

She then looked at the kayaks and says, “We have 2 but I told my husband he can’t get a boat until he sells his dirt bike, motorcycle, and his other toys!” I said, “You’re very prudent.” I’m not sure why she told me but whatever. She left and my husband looked at me and said “What just happened?” and I said, “I’ll tell you in the car.”

Next episode, I meet the neighbor who had just closed two hours ago…


Part 3 

Now, not 5 minutes after the lady neighbor left (Jill) (Oh, and when she said her name and her husband’s, Jill and Bill she said, “We’re the new Jack and Jill!” I dutifully chuckled and coughed), my other new neighbor (whose name I think is Jim, when I just asked my husband he said, “I have no idea I’ve already flushed it.”) Anyhoo, he sees me with the kayaks and almost runs over and says loudly, before even giving his name, “I JUST CLOSED TWO HOURS AGO!!” I said, “congratulations and welcome.” I put my hand out and said, “My name is Mare (cough), nice to meet you.” my husband walks out, introduces himself and he said, and I’m not kidding at all….

“My name is Jim and I’ve had a hell of a year, just crazy. I’m from a place just north of Orlando. I had a nervous breakdown a few months ago because I was getting a divorce. My wife wasn’t meeting my needs. It took 3 months to change my loan and get to closing. I have only a new dinning set I bought at Ashley furniture and two boxes of clothes. Are you going to the party tomorrow and I have a kayak and where is a good place to launch?”I said, “So sorry to hear that, you really are starting out fresh, and I like to go to Maximo park.”We get in the truck and my husband says, “We’ve been so fortunate with neighbor’s I’m not sure how this is going to work out.” And when I told him about the hugging and check cashing he said, “We need to build a wall down the middle of the street.”

Big Boob Friday

Hello (insert your indian name here) and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born April 20th, 1995 in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. She measures 168cm, 48kg. Please stop picking your daughters boyfriends and welcome, Miss Siva Aprilla!

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Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuuuuuesssdayyyy.

Here. Take this. It’s just a series of pictures. Cute cats and dogs upon ye.


That’s it. Didn’t hurt, right? Right. Thanks for your patient attention.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. If you can. Just try, okay?

Gros Seins Vendredi

Hello office twerkers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a 20 year old French woman, model and law student. Please stop cross-fitting and welcome, Miss Audray de Macedo!

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Hello #neverminders and intrepid explorers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born on August 27, 1990 in Solihull, England. She measures 32FF-24-32, 5’5″ and an unbelieveable 95lbs. Please let sleeping dogs lie and welcome, Miss Madison Welch.

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MMM – Keep leon’s streak alive edition

Hi there, sports fans! J’Ames here, filling in for my buddy, who is probably busy in his office playing video games (driving remote cars, uh huh, likely excuse). I can’t let leon let his streak end, so I’ll be poating today.


She can lift heavy things. 25# doesn’t sound like much, but try doing those squats for a minute straight.

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A poat which explores the Duality of Man™

What do you do with a problem like this?
I guess you’d have to go for some kind of Social Justice Rock Paper Scissors game. We could call it Rock Privilege Scissors.
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