Emergency Chicken Poat

flying chickens

some of these are kinda funky
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Fishing News

The water is a bit rough. Any fish in this has got to be a bit mud puppy.

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Anal fissure

And other exciting Games

My time away was a bit more of a pain than expected.

Sorry California… I’m not a fan.

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Meme Tarzan

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POS Poat – Deployment Style

Mud and Flood Edition

So I tried to get deployed to Alabama… cuz Friends.

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Teh Clap

unhnn huhhnnn….

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How’s Your Deep Fried Moose Knuckle Treatin ya?


as youse’ll’s are aware – i try to scour teh intertubes for awesome… or something: items to entertain and enlighten.

Today we get to follow up on vomit inducing food items — and i dont mean jay’s scandi-apple-frumundas.

This bit of awesome is Casu Marzu.

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Another POS Poat

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Hoggin’ the Day Away

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Wings & Things

From These Peeps:

Curving to Fly: Synthetic Adaptation Unveils Optimal Flight Performance of Whirling Fruits Author:

Jean Rabault, Richard A. Fauli, and Andreas Carlson

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