Wings & Things

From These Peeps:

Curving to Fly: Synthetic Adaptation Unveils Optimal Flight Performance of Whirling Fruits Author:

Jean Rabault, Richard A. Fauli, and Andreas Carlson

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10 mm Bacteria

it’s the white filament thingy

Holy Moly that’s big.

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Sportsball News

Non-wall-ballers seem to consider soccer something of a fey pastime…

It wasn’t me that said it, but rather your mom when she was engaging in pillow talk with Hot-Z-toT.

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Gluttony’s Aftermath

A study in courage (or something)

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2022 BBF Semi-Finals Round 6

Hello, and welcome to the 2022 Big Boob Friday Semi-Finals, Round 6.

Headers with the contestant’s name are links to their original BBF post.

Gif Links in the posts are best viewed with a preview plug-in application, such as Hover Zoom.

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More Fishing & Stuff

This is not your mother’s sunny

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To Be or not Tubbie…

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Phoning it In

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Speaking of Hookers – Where’s Aggie?

Kinda funny – a band named Texas – by way of Glasgow.

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The Great Reset

Where might you be?




The above amalgam makes a healthy society grow despite the Dunning-Kruger Crew.

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