Music Ed: Vocal Lines

The topic of today is vocal lines, and in particular some of the things I like about vocal lines. Let’s start old school, with Giovanni Perluigi Palestrina (1525-1594), Sicut Cervis:

Palestrina – Sicut cervus – The Cambridge Singers



In the period leading up to the Reformation, composers of Renaissance masses tried to outdo each other in the complexity of their compositions, but in the process made the vocal lines totally incomprehensible. Pretty, sure, but if the point was to go to mass and actually learn something, if you didn’t have the text memorized you were out of luck.

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How Can They Be This Dumb?

So…I don’t follow politics much anymore but happened to read something that popped up on my phone while I was checking stocks that I follow. Yep, if you want to look at stock performance on your phone, you’re going to be solicited for indoctrination.

Here’s the deal, as our pudding brained fake president would say, the demotards are pushing a 9/11 style commission to have a huge, multi-year review of the protest at the Capitol on Jan 6th. As I read the article I was actually a bit confused…I thought it might have been from months ago because it contained obvious factual errors, but no, it was current. We all know how this goes. The demotards say, ‘hey man just searching for the truth, can I have limitless amounts of money so spend on my friends at fancy law firms that will tell me a 2 year story with the exact timing and plot lines that will help me with reelection as far out as 2024? Just looking for the truth.’

And guess what? Thirty five moronic republicans voted with the demotards to pass the bill. Not one or two (depends how you count Liz Cheney) but 35!

So, like, how can they possibly be this dumb? How would this help them? What is to be gained? Do we really need another fat, bloated NeverTrump sissy whinging on MSNBC?

McConnell says its dead in the Senate but you never know…he can be bought with an eight ball and a waddle massage.

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Situational Awareness Memes

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born on November 21st, 1986 in Louisville, KY. She stands 5′ 6” and measures 35 – 28 – 35 and 110 lbs. Please send your fan mail to Miss Amanda Ashlee Mertz.


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MMM 408: Drombeg Stone Circle

Also known as the Druid’s Altar, this circle of moderately large stones (quarried nearby, so it was a lot of work but was not a particularly difficult undertaking) was assembled and used between 1100 and 800 BC on the southern tip of Ireland, likely by genuine druids.  As an Irish descendant, it is somewhat spooky to look at this and think that ancestors may have used this site, and possibly for some very unsavory things.


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Everything I Meme, Nothing that I Don’t

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MMM 398: Antequara Dolmens

Sadly, or maybe fortunately, there’s no mystery here.  We know what these were built for and approximately when they were built.  People have lived nearby the entire time, and there was still plenty more stone, so they were never quarried by later people, and were in fact preserved.  These were bronze age burial mounds, built around 1800 BC.

Entrance to Dolmen de Menga:


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Funeral for a Meme

His best work, and it’s a high bar. Fight me.

There is no better description for the purpose of Trump’s impeachment than this.

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