MMM 427: Office Mushrooms, part 2

This was yesterday before the harvest. The dark pinned cluster had been removed on Friday because they were stunted for some reason.

Top view:

And, ready for the pan, butter, and salt:

MMM 426: Office mushrooms

My mom got me a kit from “Nearby Naturals FL” that guarantees it will grow golden oyster mushrooms, and not just a few of them. It’s a 10 lb block of innoculated substrate that was already bursting with mycelium when it arrived. I’ve been misting the slit I cut in the plastic for a little over a week now.

Day 3, big growth, mycelium burst up and out of the slit in the bag.

Day 9 (today), this is “pinning” or baby mushrooms that look like little sewing pins.

The gold color is already starting to take hold. The ones that look black are actually just very dark gold if I look closely, and the already-gold ones looked black at the tip when they started.



****************SECRET SANTA UPDATE******************

Pajamma Momma wanted to show off her special packages, and also her gifts.



She asked me to thank her Santa and to say there were two bags of nuts, but one was scarfed before she could take a picture.


Well done, Santa!

****************ANOTHER UPDATE***********************

Roamy’s package got more frequent flier miles than Wiserbud in his heyday, but it found the RFH house.

Proof of poor paltry postal promises


Nicely wrapped.


Note the crocheted dick hiding in the shadow of the game. This is because dummy me unwrapped my gift while my daughter and her boyfriend were wandering through the house, and I haven’t explained The Hostages to him yet.

Looking forward to playing the board game and surprising someone with the dick. Thanks, Carin!

MMM 414: Turkey Tail

Magnificent Mushroom Monday may have featured this already, but it’s that time of year again and I’m starting to see these in my woods, along with some fresh dryad’s saddle.  Trametes versicolor is not a choice edible, but a highly-sought after medicinal that’s under active research as a cancer fighter.  No reason to wait for big pharma if you can find it wild, though, and it’s not terribly hard to make a weak tea of it and drink small amounts to make sure you tolerate it.  A strong tea when you’ve never had it can be a nice colon cleanse if that’s what you need, but then you’re really not getting the primary benefit.  Plus, it’s not really, well, tasty.  At all.  Turkey tail mushroom tea tastes like tree bark and despair.


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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your model for today was born in California, USA on May 4th, 1988.  She stands 5′ 2″ , topmost measurement is 32DD and the displacement is 108 lbs.  Please gather supplies and welcome Miss Austin White!


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MMM 371

Power outage yesterday helped us learn that the breaker in the house labeled “barn” might not be connected to, well, anything.  The barn appears to be wired to a breaker labeled “OUT” in the breaker box in the other basement.  Neat!

Big balls around this place.


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MMM 361: prints

Ever done this?  It’s kind of fun and you can do it with any gilled mushroom cap.  Often useful in species identification.


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Right Up The Equinox

Apparently there’s a difference between equinoxi and solstici. Who the heck knew that? I do know the difference between shit and Shinola of course.


It’s not like you can win money on Jeopardy with information like that, right?

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