Meme Rhee

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Hold Meme

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A Mom Known as Tankette

It really is quite a shame that the kids were so cruel and called good ole whatsherface Tankette.

I mean seriously, she wasn’t that fat.
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Not Just Meme

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Lying Dog-faced Pony Soldier

Things that Drumph Never Said
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State of the Blerg

Friday’s BBF post was what WordPress reports as the 6000th post on this here blog. I’m not sure how they come up with that number but it seems like kind of a big deal.

6K posts and 1.4 million comments seems really wrong number’s wise, I don’t understand the stats page but I’m just a simple dog in a complicated interwebs.

All these stats and more are available to you blergers who have a login and admin rights, there are a lot of you out there.

I want to tell you that it means a lot to me to have this dusty little corner of the web to call home, and I appreciate everyone who contributes, from the thumbs up, likes, comments and content, y’all make my day everyday.


Meet Meme Out Back

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Pupster’s Orchard

Hello, and welcome to another edition of What the Fuck is in Pupster’s Backyard.


We’ve already identified a thriving Persimmon Tree and Sick Peach Tree, today’s adventure will be finding out the provenance of Mystery Fruit 1. The Fruit in Question grows in the back of the Lizard Habitat in a very shady area, I’ve only clipped the branches that get in the way when I mow back there.

Mystery Fruit 1 drops all it’s leaves in the fall, it looks more like a bush than a tree, it’s only about 4 feet tall and about that wide. In March this year it popped out a bunch of tight pink blossoms that flowered white/pink and then dropped off.

Late spring early summer it leafs out with these dark red/purple long leaves that turn dark green later in the season.

The fruit start as little brown fuzzy looking balls, I thought they would be a nut of some kind, but they start to ripen into a yellow and then red peach-looking type deal.


Inside has a pit like a peach, yellow meat, the green looking side is not ripe yet I think. I’m not doing a taste test fuck that.

I’ll save Mystery Fruit 2 for another day, and ask the question:

WHAT THE FUCK IS IN PUPSTER’S YARD and will LUMPS EAT IT if I ship it to her?

Siamese Dream

I have a dream…

But the dream is a nightmare. You are here, and you can’t wake up. Critical race theory is a night terror and you’re pinned the bed hoping your limbs start working again. The color of your skin trumps the content of your character.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to challenge bad ideas and although it’s a cliche, we need to start countering bad ideas with good ones. Many of us face the woke stasi at work and because we’re decent people we keep our heads down. We let them have their struggle sessions and go back to doing our jobs – you know, what we’re there for.

But the cold hard truth is that they’ll never stop. Ever.

Recently I wrote a letter to my boss letting her know that I won’t be attending any more ‘voluntary’ sessions and you know what happened? Nothing. She told me I didn’t have to – and then we had a meeting on racial microagressions the following month. I felt good for a moment but the SJW train just keeps rolling on.

And that got me thinking. If the JEDIs (they don’t like SJW anymore – JEDI is way cooler) are ok presenting politics at work why aren’t we? Are we afraid we’ll suffer some negative consequences for proposing alternate points of view? Probably.

We need to get over that fear. They’re using it to their advantage, creating a culture where bad ideas can’t be criticized.

It’s not enough to opt out or write a SWL (strongly worded letter). We need to propose struggle sessions that take apart critical race theory, show microagressions are simply the result of demand outstripping supply, and that power dynamics aren’t the root of all interactions.

Shorter MJ: post modernism and neomarxim can suck my dick.

Counterweight is an organization started by Helen Pluckrose to counter the bad ideas presented as ‘science’. The resources are good and can provide an answer to the question, ‘where do I start?’

Note: the struggle sessions aren’t being pushed by my boss but she’s complicit because she ‘asks’ her employees to attend. I give her the benefit of the doubt – she has no idea what she’s talking about and doesn’t realize she looks like a fucking idiot, as do all of the leadership, when they push this stuff.

My next steps are to find out who identifies and creates/buys the struggle session content and have them work on opposing points of view. If he or she balks, I’ll fire them as soon as I can. I expect my project to take 6 months. I’ll give you regular updates.

Shortest MJ: War.