What’s Wrong With that Boy – Thursday


Something for everyone

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I Don’t Know

What’s the worst part of aging?

What’s the best?

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I like this Chick

Not really –

But the song is amazing:

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Mid-Winter Blues

Hot-n-Tot spices up his winter festivities after breakfast with your mom:

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Crytidz – a Message from the Good Doctor

Because I post stupid shit that doesn’t even make sense to me most of the time, one of our brothers here at hostageland sent me a link for this little beastie:

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The Poat where we explore the various forms of Metal Music

Sobek usually does an excellent job explaining the history and styles of classical music. I will not be doing that today. I am going to tip our collective toes into the most important style of music out today.


We will not wander lost in the metal desert any longer, as I attempt to introduce you into into a few of it’s various forms.

The term “heavy metal” apparently springs from a Steppenwolf song from the 60’s. In the tune everyone knows “Born to Be Wild” the line “heavy metal thunder” – and thus a genre was created. Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath are considered the first of the “metal” bands (although Zeppelin has a lot of blues in it), from these Godfather’s of metal we now have a whole wide array to choose from. Avant-garde metal, black metal, celtic metal, death metal, doom metal, Gothic metal, Grindcore, Hair metal (the worst them all), Metalcore, Nu-Metal, Power Metal, Progressive metal (the greatest of all forms), Thrash metal, and then who knows how many more will appear.

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A Card for Cards

Christmas Themed Oddities

So I was going to do a “Strange Art” poate and as I was surfing for strange (heh) I came across some weird Christmas looking stuff and then went down the Christmas Carde rabbet whole.

Date line London 1843: Some Brit dude hired artist John Calcott Horsley (nice) to come up with a Christmas Card of your mom.

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Weird Names / Weird Creatures

The Crazy Uncles of the Animal World

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Inane Arguments – Not Helpful

I was gonna do a quasi truthful rundown on j’ames’s’z unspoken request for real information on luciferase…

Instead I’m just gonna say Calm down Mare!

Leon beat me to the punch –


So I guess there is no sense in saying:

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A Mom Known as Tankette

It really is quite a shame that the kids were so cruel and called good ole whatsherface Tankette.

I mean seriously, she wasn’t that fat.

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