Fall Stuff

Fall things

Some of my fall photos.

A bit of a chore getting these to wurhd priss.

Hedge berry
Garage decoration
A work bud tried his hand at agriculture this year.

The driveway

American side

The main falls
Teh falls

Oso in me neighbors driveway.

Rainbow aka steelhead – lake ontario – east sy-eed
Walk-in the park – northern end of Skaneateles
Southern end of Skaneateles

That pic doesn’t do justice to the view.

The finger lake region is a stunner in the fall and this year was a memorable one from a color standpoint.

I think of the amazing color years as a drive thru a bowl of fruit loops… If you ever get a chance, drive NY 17 (now I86) between Wurtsboro and Binghamton. On a good year the colors are amazing. If you have time drive 97 from Port Jervis to Hancock… Motorcycle or convertible is recommended.

Side yard
This maple changes early.

This too

View from teh living room looking east. Susquehanna river valley.
MC3PO hamming it up at the pumpkin farm.

Slave to a consumer culture

Quiescent Roasts

A New York dem.
The great hayride debacle of ‘22

They had tons of displays. Some were really fun / funny.
Mantis hanging out in the morning sun by the garage getting ready for winter I guess.

Some of those were funnier when jay potated them.

Back to the grind friends o’ mine.

Winter has set in – 4 inches yesterday and feet projected for later in the week…. in buffalo at least.

More Fishing & Stuff

This is not your mother’s sunny

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What’s Wrong With that Boy – Thursday


Something for everyone

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I Don’t Know

What’s the worst part of aging?

What’s the best?

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I like this Chick

Not really –

But the song is amazing:

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Mid-Winter Blues

Hot-n-Tot spices up his winter festivities after breakfast with your mom:

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Crytidz – a Message from the Good Doctor

Because I post stupid shit that doesn’t even make sense to me most of the time, one of our brothers here at hostageland sent me a link for this little beastie:

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The Poat where we explore the various forms of Metal Music

Sobek usually does an excellent job explaining the history and styles of classical music. I will not be doing that today. I am going to tip our collective toes into the most important style of music out today.


We will not wander lost in the metal desert any longer, as I attempt to introduce you into into a few of it’s various forms.

The term “heavy metal” apparently springs from a Steppenwolf song from the 60’s. In the tune everyone knows “Born to Be Wild” the line “heavy metal thunder” – and thus a genre was created. Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath are considered the first of the “metal” bands (although Zeppelin has a lot of blues in it), from these Godfather’s of metal we now have a whole wide array to choose from. Avant-garde metal, black metal, celtic metal, death metal, doom metal, Gothic metal, Grindcore, Hair metal (the worst them all), Metalcore, Nu-Metal, Power Metal, Progressive metal (the greatest of all forms), Thrash metal, and then who knows how many more will appear.

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A Card for Cards

Christmas Themed Oddities

So I was going to do a “Strange Art” poate and as I was surfing for strange (heh) I came across some weird Christmas looking stuff and then went down the Christmas Carde rabbet whole.

Date line London 1843: Some Brit dude hired artist John Calcott Horsley (nice) to come up with a Christmas Card of your mom.

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Weird Names / Weird Creatures

The Crazy Uncles of the Animal World

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