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MMM 438

Man, this was a good set of pictures back when it aired the first time. Wonder if these girls have put on the Covid-50?

I eventually got used to lifting in glasses.

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Choose Meme

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Youyou Meme


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Insert Man Butter Here

Scintillating discussion on the origins of soy face, soy boys, and general pussiness yesterday. Hotspur totally made me laugh out loud in my under pantaloons with the observation that they tend to be telling us something when they make the soylent grin: insert jizm here.

How did this happen? There’s an entire generation of ‘men’ who are basically stuck in their teen years. Love the vidya games and conformity. Lots and lots of fake consumerism conformity.

What a bunch of cucks. Do you even lift, bro? No, no they do not.

Hypnotic Minimalist Techno circa early 2000s (FYIA)
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Copperhead Meme

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Jordan Peterson…not sure what to think

This has to be one of the most important discussions I’ve listened to recently because it contains the beginnings of an idea that will probably grow and explain some of the differences and cognitive dissonance we’re witnessing today.

First, they establish that social media and the internet are post modern. If you don’t know what that is you can do a bit of research here, although I believe it can be accurately described as personal relativity. When you hear morons (bad kind) say things like, ‘it’s all just relative, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist,’ you know you’re dealing with an idiot who has been unwittingly fed post modernism as a framework for thinking. When they say, ‘it’s my truth,’ you’re also dealing with a shallow thinking person who can’t quite grasp the idea of objective truth and has been fucked by Fouchalt.

Second, the discussion turns to the generational differences of identity and observation. Our generations remember the real world and living in it without the internet. To us, we know that online personas and social media aren’t real. We could turn off the power and that world would cease to exist. To the generations who grew up almost exclusively online, the internet is more real than reality. They believe they can choose an identity and everyone will conform to it. If that doesn’t happen, they can move to a community and start the process over. Eventually, they’ll get to a place where they are accepted for who they want to be online, not in reality.

What we are witnessing is the millennial and iGen working to enforce their garbage ideas into the real world. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything you believed of yourself and the world was perfectly reflected? The flatness. They all crave the flatness or silicon valley where every building looks the same, where every interaction is the same, and where judgement is construed as violence, tearing down their carefully constructed post modern identities. It’s a landscape where reality is whatever you think it is.

I’m hoping that this idea will continue to be constructed and something concrete comes out of it. You can tell that Peterson and Weinstein are just flushing it out although it appears they’ve had similar thoughts independently.

And although JP looks pretty haggard and is clearly suffering from what he describes as both mental and physical illness, he’s back. That’s wonderful. I’ve missed his voice and careful thinking on complex subjects.