MMM 508

Howdy, happy Monday.

Redhead bonus points: earned.

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Mega MMM 500

I can’t believe it either. This means that BBF must be old enough to vote.

She fills that dress nicely.

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MMM 499

I really should plan something significant for next week.

Glistening with pretty eyes.

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MMM 494

It’s a new day! Wait, it is a new day, isn’t it? I mean, there’s this big bright ball in the sky and no snow on the ground, and that’s really weird, but I feel like that’s happened before.

She seems enthusiastic.

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Take Meme Back

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MMM 485

How is it already March? Hope your Lent is going well.

Posing or stretching?

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MMM 483

Last week of February 2020. Lent starts next Wednesday. Be ready.

I remember this one. I felt this one.

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Return to Meme

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