Awful Post For a Beautiful Saturday

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Scenes from the StL Meatup

If this piece o’ shit doesn’t inspire you to get off the computer and into the great outdoors today, nothing will.

Big Boob Friday™

Howdy. Welcome to Big Boob Friday, party pardner.   Mrs. Rosetta doesn’t know it but Junior is getting one of these hats.

The movie Dazed and Confused is one of the best movies ever made in my humble but factually correct opinion.  I watch it two or three times a year while enjoying adult beverages and you should do the same.  And it has probably the best soundtrack of any movie.


The Research Department called in sick today so we will be going to the BBF bench for today’s lovely.

She was born in Skipton, Yorkshire England on November 15th, 1984.  She is a towering 5’4″ and weighs a happy and healthy 125 lbs.  It says in her bio that her measurements are 32G-32-36 which seems a little odd but what do I know.

Well, I know she likes other chicks.  And I know that she has a website to teach people about female anatomy which is pretty thoughtful.

In her prior appearance on this esteemed page, she was sporting SpongeBob SquarePants underoos which was very, very nice.  Please spank the nearest monkey for my good friend and your model for today, Friday, April 29th, 2011, Faith Nelson!!  YAY!!

Guess what?  On this day…

*  in 1813, rubber was patented.

in 1899, Duke (real name Edward Kennedy) Ellington was born in Washington DC.

*  in 1922, football coach George Allen was born.

*  in 1945, Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun.

*  in 1955, funnyman Jerry Seinfeld was born.

in 1958, Eve Plumb was born in Burbank.

*  in 1958, the perpetually stunning Michelle Pfeiffer was born in Santa Ana.

*  in 1968, Frankie Lymon died of a drug overdose at the age of 25.

*  in 1970, oddly super-hot Uma Thurman was born in Boston.

in 1980, Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was stabbed to death in the shower at the age of 80.

*  in 1985, Tony Tubbs TKO’d Greg Page in 15 rounds for the heavyweight boxing championship.

*  in 1995, the longest sausage EVER was made in Kitchener Ontario Canada.  The unreliable POS website that I go to for all this history crap said the sausage was 2,877 miles in length.  Hahahaha.

*  in 1997, columnist Mike Royko died of a stroke at the age of 64.  He had a funny line in one of his columns that I’ve always remembered.  “How can anyone dislike Minneapolis?  The city is so clean.  The politicians are so honest that they must be retarded.”  Haha.

La Fin Du Monde.

I will be grilling and drinking with friends and moving some boxes of crap to storage this weekend.  The chances of me injuring myself while grilling are 1 in 7.  The chances of me injuring myself while moving a bunch of bullshit are 1 in 3.  Place your bets accordingly.

Whatever you do this weekend, it will be more memorable if you do it while running around naked and screaming so give that a try.


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H2: Laziest Admins Ever

The Jesus Baby Jesus doesn’t like when you 847 admins don’t put up a new post.

Nice job.

Something weenis this way comes



Take It. From My Cold, Dead Paws

I think he was daring me.

Late Nights With Sean

Sean loves the little chilluns…

Easter Sunday Funday