Meme That Funky Music

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MMM 534

I might have to go back to mushrooms soon. Or herbs.

Amanda is flexible.

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Rock Around the Croc: Some Stuff

The first couple songs I ever heard by the band Chevelle were Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) and The Red, and I thought they were okay. Then the radio starting playing this song called The Clincher, and when I found out it was the same band it blew my mind. Listen to the bass guitar on this track:

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Magical Meme

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born December 2nd, 1997 in Conway, Arkansas. She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 342436 and 138 lbs. Please safe-search Miss Nala Brooks.

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Moving Along

Been a while since I checked in on these peeps.

I think Colex poatated about them a bit back.

Simple … and easy like someone Hot-z-tot knowz.

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Letters From Meme

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MMM 533

Happy President’s Day. It’s a shame we don’t actually have those anymore.

Happy morning, anyhow.

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Rock Around the Croc: Some Stuff from the Library

Happy Sunday, I’m here to write a post about music and talk s**t about Total, in no particular order.

This week I went to the library with the intention of getting music CDs I would not ordinarily consider and listening to them all the way through at least twice. The first one I grabbed was called Tranceclassical by Maya Beiser, and based on literally no other information than the title I assumed someone had arranged classical music over trance beats. The first track on the disk was Bach’s “Air on the G String,” and it was just an electric cello playing the Bach piece, with nothing else added, so I figured maybe it was just an album of classical tracks that are calm (hence the “trance”). But no, that wasn’t it either, because the next one had too dark of a tone for that, and then a few more tracks later was a cover of Heroin by The Velvet Underground, so by the end of my second run through the album, I’m as confused as ever. But the standout from the album was Kol Nidrei, which is a recitation spoken before the evening service on Yom Kippur. Point is, I don’t know how to classify Beiser’s music, but check this one out anyway:

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