MMM 254: The last week of 2016

… begins today.  Here’s a fun thing that I did a few months ago, back when there was still a chance that Hillary Clinton would complete 0bama’s work to destroy the USA.

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Glass Wire

I don’t go to art exhibits very often because I’m straight, but this past weekend, wiserbride and I attended a concert at my son’s college and there happened to be an “art” exhibit in the same building.  We had some time to kill and it was free, so what the hell, let’s go take a look, shall we?

It was …..oh, what’s the word…. oh yeah… HILARIOUS!!!!

Basically, the concept here is gluing glass objects together in different ways and then calling it “art.”  Mostly things like old glass ashtrays and eyeglasses, but there were a couple of other glass items used, as in the piece shown above (wherein the arteest uses old Coke and Pepsi bottles and eyeglass lenses to focus our attention on the deep, dark realization that Coke and Pepsi are nothing more than two sides of one evil Big Soft-Drink Worldwide Conglomerate.  Edgy, non?)

I stupidly did not get pictures of the numerous pieces that were hanging randomly on the walls around the gallery that were nothing more than ashtrays from hotel chains like Howard Johnson and Holiday Inn glued together to make frames for pictures of the hotels from which the ashtrays were stolen.  Mundane and manifestly overt, these pieces were quite obviously from the artist’s early developmental period, when he was working the county fair craft tent and cheesy souvenir circuit.

But there were other pieces that I simply could not ignore.

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April Fool’s Eve



I wish my blue dog would chase a frisbee or ball but she only chases my red dog and visitors who dare to venture near her.

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Wire Station

Emil Nolde

b.1868 in the olde Prussian duchy of Nolde (which after The Great War became part of Denmark.)


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MMM 205: Making America Great Again in 2016

So the year begins and HOLY CRAP I’m excited.  It’s going to be amazing.  2016 is bound to be better than 2015.  Here’s my reasoning:

You know all those things that can’t go on forever?  Remember how things that can’t go on forever… don’t?  Every single one of those things is now closer to ending.  SOMETHING is going to fail catastrophically this year, and gravity will bring something with no business in the air crashing to the ground.  Keep the popcorn handy.  If it’s the EBT system, oh man, hilarity will surely ensue.  Another market crash?  WOOOOO!  The only thing better would be an actual zombie apocalypse.


Lat work.


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MMM 182: Resignation Edition

I’m announcing my departure today to the people who have to officially be told I’m quitting. After that shakes out I get to discover how I’m going to get read out of my programs (“debriefed”) which I’m pretty sure I actually have to do on site. So I have to quit, travel, get read out, then travel home and file my expense report, then pray to God that these doofuses actually compensate me for expenses. To quit. Oh, and I have to take them the laptop, two monitors, and the docking station.

I’m keeping my stapler. And the tape dispenser.

Still, I can’t safely travel until like a week after the baby is born, unless I make it a day trip. It’s a mess.

Hands on hips = power pose.
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So, I’m re-adopting the Ruth Stout permanent deep hay mulch method of gardening, and I’m already enjoying major freedom from weeding, and reduced watering needs.

But occasionally a crop can’t be mulched for a while, specifically this one long bed of leek seedlings that are just too puny and closely-spaced to get the hay treatment yet. In the weeks between now and then, I have to find a way to keep the bed clean. A hoe is too big to clean up between these little guys while not killing a significant number of them. And getting down and laboriously hand-weeding a thousand tiny weed sprouts is not my idea of a good time.

I needed something that I could use while standing. It had to be quite small and easy to precisely control, since I need to slice out weeds right up to the base of little plants. I started puzzling on how to build such a thing but eventually turned the matter over to a genius.



And it still cuts cheddar perfectly.

This is a wire cheese-cutter, duct-taped to a broom handle.

It gets in between and right up to my little leeks that are too-closely spaced, and glides under the top layer of soil, cutting everything on the way. Really teensy seedlings get uprooted and dry out. I can stand comfortably upright and draw the weeder along towards myself in a natural way, instead of bending forward to chop at the weeds.

Furthermore, unlike the preceding prototype which required fine-tuning the angle on a flat blade, the cutting wire works the same from any angle.

Indistinguishable from magic.

Indistinguishable from magic.