TDY – 10 days

Got called out of town on short notice.

So this post is truly meant as a place holder.

Maybe if we’re lucky, Peej will stomp it with a buffalo.

I’ve spent the evening getting ready for an obscenely early departure for NYC.

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Sixteen Memes

found while searching sobek songs
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MMM 463

I slept very badly.

I won’t be doing this today.

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Memes, Music, Motivational Miscellany

Milonga Flaminco

Ojos Gitanos



We Can’t Make It Here Anymore

Tom Ames Prayer

Here We Go

Now Do Memes

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born February 4th, 1999 in Boca Raton, Florida. She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 342434 and 126 lbs. Please get tuned up for Miss Sarah Gibson.

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The Miracle of Wind

Some data courtesy of the USGS, The US Wind Turbine DB, YMBK (Your Mom‘s Breezy Knickers), and Bernie Sanders.

Some of the data I will unabashedly pull out of my ass and fling it with style and aplomb.

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You Saw Meme Comin

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