Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born February 4th, 1999 in Boca Raton, Florida. She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 342434 and 126 lbs. Please get tuned up for Miss Sarah Gibson.


  1. Happy Friday.

    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. That navy doc video is amazing, Pepe. Anybody who didn’t see Pepe’s link on the last thread really should check it out.

  3. Here:

    Comment by PepeLp on September 23, 2021 11:21 pm

  4. So. It looks like I’m now the sort of person who gets around 7 hours of sleep and calls it good. The sort of person who gets up around 6am. It’s probably healthier, right. If I can ever get back to work maybe I should try for day shift.

  5. That navy doc is obviously a fraud.
    You can tell by her use of statistics and the wild eyed hysterics.

  6. Nice tits Pup.

  7. YOWZA!

  8. Overnight vat of broth came out great. Golden. The bone cartilage is gone, all dissolved. Every utensil I just used to strain it is glazed with sticky gelatin. The fat on top is fragrant. I used a lot of whole rosemary branch and cardamom pods and whole coriander.

    Gonna get some stuff at the grocery store and then can up some soup for Winter.

  9. Oh my God the mess in the kitchen though


    /stamps “APPROVED” repeatedly while brain overheats

  11. I sleep around 5-6 hours now, sometimes I can get more but it is rare.

    I wonder if the truth will ever come out about the sicknesses caused by the jab. Will it cause a new generation of americans who don’t trust the media and government? How high do the casualties need to be stacked before that happens?

  12. Today’s musical selection is also today’s model if you didn’t figure it out yet. Talented musician and singer.

  13. Pups, I have been wondering the same thing. The media is so useless today. So useless. When will truth matter again? How can people be so spineless, pushing an agenda that is killing people, for what? Their lousy jobs at MediaCorp? Their political friends?

    Look at that detroit news facebook page where all those people started screaming about their family and friends who had been injured by the shot. The truth is straining to come out, like this model’s tits.

  14. 9/10 would smash.

    Sooooo fake. I’m not even sure this is a real person.

  15. Japan is experiencing a remarkable decline in their covid cases and morbidity. 15% of peak, and falling, with emergency soon to be ended. Oh, and they recently instituted a pro-ivermectin policy. Like India, which is at 8% of peak, and falling. Hm. Correlation is not causation. Unless it is, and you know, IT IS.

  16. Why does cleaning a glass-top range have to be such a pain in the ass, with special tools and cleaner? Windex works with every other piece of glass in this place, why doesn’t it work on the range? Dish soap and a plastic scrubby work to get baked-on gunk off my pyrex baking dish, why doesn’t it work on the range? Such fucking bullshit.

  17. Japan is a nation, and cares whether its people live and flourish.

    We live on magic dirt, and must be replaced by a more pliable peasantry.

  18. razor blade scraper is your friend, laura. one of the little $1 plastic ones with the replacable blade. One sits in the drawer, from when I had a glass top, back in the Dark Ages before GAS

  19. so, the music selection is definitely capitalizing on the Jessica Rabbit vibe.

  20. She nails the character well. Good decision on her part.

  21. My stovetop is enamel, but most of it separates and I can just run it through the dishwasher or soak it in hot soapy water. The rest I can usually clean up with more hot water and some good scrubbing with rougher paper towels.

  22. I frequently wonder if we will ever see societal blowback from this lie.

  23. Look at that detroit news facebook page where all those people started screaming about their family and friends who had been injured by the shot. The truth is straining to come out, like this model’s tits.

    If I only get one, I pick the first one. I see big tits all the time.

  24. A lot of unnecessary deaths in order to beef up Pfizer’s quarterly earnings.

  25. When I return to my job, there’s a good chance I’ll be seeing orders to give the jab to my patients. There were a couple with standing orders to be vaccinated prior to discharge, when I left. I don’t think I can do it, even if it’s the patient’s choice to get it, because I know in my heart that they’ve been deceived and can’t assess the risk for real.

    This is a tough nut.

  26. i must have missed the Detroit News Facebook Page. I mean, since it’s better than big tits.

  27. If they are IP psych… htf can they be competent enough to make that decision?

  28. Niece was released from the hospital yesterday. Still on oxygen and steroids, has a long road of recovery, I’m afraid, but she’s at home and not on a ventilator, thank God.

  29. It’s a question of relative scarcity, Jay.

  30. good news is good, even in small doses. Good to hear that, roamy

  31. Deace said that Merck is coming up with a new Covid drug too. Guess promoting ivermectin was too much.

  32. Why do women do that to their lips?

    It’s ghetto, and a turn off.

  33. Another one to add to the “Imagine If This Was Trump’s Fault” file

    Totally ignored by the media. Too busy covering whips at the border.

  34. And I’ll add my approval to that of others who praised our model’s gravity defining tits.

  35. and lips

  36. defining should be defying

    Although they do exert a gravitational force on the eyeballs

  37. There are several photos of her without her lips inflated, and she’s a very pretty woman.

  38. This place got a mention at Powerline Blog

  39. Jam, a lot of inpt BH are just depressed, suicidal, substance abusers, or there to be watched while they have meds adjusted. They aren’t all psychotics. Although some people with psychotic episodes do become competent with treatment. Which is always fun to see.

  40. for a general kitchen cleaner I use about equal parts Dawn soap, vinegar and water. It degreases really welll and won’t tear up your hands. I put it in a spray bottle, spray it around and let it set a bit to soften stuff up. It is very good at getting heavy grease off, though I admit that if the grease is very thick you will be cleaning it in stages

  41. that facebook page is horrifying. Even if 3/4 of these are hysteric claims not based on the jab it’s still a terrible amount. Way over what should be allowed.

  42. I like lip injections on chicks. I think its cute.

  43. Oh my… Very nice today pup. Also someone take MJ to get his eyes checked with his 9 out of 10 bullshit.

  44. Scratch my criticism of MJ. Losing your soul to a ginger in a legitimate concern.

  45. Generally when it comes to cleaning the kitchen I use my sammich maker. A long time ago it was determined that my measly attempts at cleaning were improper and not sufficient resulting in a banishment from cleaning for perpetuity. Conversely, I have been assigned as dog shit yard collector, which I am gleefully reminded of once a week, normally right after letting the creatures in from one of their outings.

  46. Losing your soul to a ginger in a legitimate concern.

    But what a glorious trip!

  47. I like lip injections on chicks. I think its cute.


  48. I have a hard and fast rule when it comes to doing women’s work. You can tell me to do it, or you can tell me how to do it, but you can’t do both.

  49. that facebook page is horrifying. Even if 3/4 of these are hysteric claims not based on the jab it’s still a terrible amount. Way over what should be allowed.

    The RSV vaccine was pulled from testing after fewer deaths than just that comment thread.

  50. From.

  51. Jimmy John’s Cubano subs are better than tits.

  52. Is anyone surprised that Hotspurt would prefer something long, firm, and meaty in his mouth to tits?


  53. Billions of suckling infants disagree with you Hotspur

  54. How many of those suckling infants have been fed a Jimmy John’s Cubano sub?

    I’m going to go with zero.

  55. jimmy john’s, meh

    Then again, every chain restaurant in Ames is worse than everywhere in the country. So it might just be me.

  56. Why do women do that to their lips?

    It’s ghetto, and a turn off.

    Maybe she got stung by a bee.

  57. Next weeks BBF model is single!

  58. Sunny and Ana Navarro test positive to Covid, removed from A block of The View with Kamala waiting to be interviewed: twitter link

    I thought Kamala didn’t have any time. We’ll find out how good her vaccination is now. Sunny and Ana were both vaccinated.

  59. Comment by Jay in Ames on September 24, 2021 12:52 pm
    Next weeks BBF model is single!

    Never stick your dick in crazy.

  60. I was gonna make a list of things I’d rather do than watch The View but I got overwhelmed and shit.

  61. who’s your college team, PG?

  62. Joe Concha
    While all this is happening, Behar now openly coughing into her hand on live television.

  63. House Democratic caucus breaks 218-1 in favor of a federal law enshrining a right to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

    It’s just NY you guys. It’s just local you guys. You wingers are nuts, you guys.

    For once all republicans voted no

  64. Oh, God forgive me…but if he could see fit to kill the View and Kamala with Rona, I would never question my religious convictions again…

  65. For leon

    Dammit, I wanted to read that!

  66. I sent pepe’s link to family and friends.

  67. I’d be curious how those folks got there. The Bering land bridge vanished somewhere around 11,500 BC, but that wasn’t the only way to get to the Americas, just the one we know “native American” ancestors came from. That said, there are genetic markers in Natives that have no analog in Asia, so either the migrations were whole tribes that left no one behind, or those markers came from the more-indigenous population that is no longer distinct.

  68. I know one person that’s had covid.

    He was vaccinated.

  69. Once the gov finds out the vaccine isn’t really that great, they’ll start calling in the Trump vaccine and pretend they didn’t put on a full court press to shame everyone into taking it.


  70. I made that call a while ago, MJ. It’s only a matter of time before it’s the Trump vaccine again, just like it was when FJB and Heelsup where against it.

  71. And in a few years we’ll start talking about what everyone already knows.

    Covid affects older, fatter, sedentary people entirely differently than young, lean, active people.

  72. Member when the entire dam/media complex told you not to take the vaccine?

    Pepe farms members.

  73. Leon, I wouldn’t surprise me if, as glaciers advanced and sea levels dropped, humans found it easier to sail from Africa and Europe.

  74. Trump will be blamed for the rise in cancer/cardiomyopathy just in time for the ’24 election season.

  75. Me neither, Alex. It’s on the outs right now, but the theory that Quetzcoatl was a very old myth based on a caucasoid explorer who managed to sail to what’s now Brazil always intrigued me.

  76. The comments on that video are good too.

  77. It’s only a matter of time before it’s the Trump vaccine again

    and we start seeing lawyer ads with Moderna/Pfizer in place of mesothelioma.

  78. Whooooa, Nelly!!!

    She should get an automatic bid to the 2021 BBF Finals.

    Nice work, Pupster!!!!

  79. way to kill it, Tex

  80. Well, he did say “Whoa Nelly”…

    Maybe if you give the blog a “giddyap”….maybe spur it.

  81. YAh Bloggy! YAH!

  82. Roamy, good news about your niece. Scott, are you watching the Ryder Cup?

  83. *blog takes off at a dead run, bucks, throws the rider*

    GODDAMMIT, TeeRoy Jenkins!! *runs to help*

    *gasp* I think Pupster has a concussion.

    Nooope, never mind. Big fluffy tits-post broke his fall. Thank goodness.

  84. I agree. Thank goodness for big fluffy titty posts where big fluffy titties are displayed the way GOD intended! Amen. Hallelujah, and pass the ammo.

  85. Rub some dirt on it Pups you’ll be aight

  86. Comment by Jay in Ames on September 24, 2021 1:14 pm
    who’s your college team, PG?

    Whoever is beating UT.

  87. She’s got a nice rack and that’s what counts on BBF but other than that, she doesn’t particularly interest me. Of course, I’m 61 and my testosterone levels are at an all time low. So maybe that factors in.

    No offense, Pupster.

  88. Anybody here try dry-aging beef? I’m interested in trying. I have a spare fridge. I’d probably do the UMAI dry aging bags instead of getting a humidifier and fan involved in there.

  89. Palmetto is soooo going to get my money. They want it really really bad, just begging for it like the dirty lil tramps they are… shipping on uppers. I just happen to need a upper…im pretty sure its a sign from God.

  90. Whoever is beating UT.

    Me too!

    And those land thieves

  91. i have dry aged beef, works great! I just used a spare fridge, no humidifier or anything, just let it dry, then cut off the pellicle (I think that’s the word)

  92. I just happen to need a upper…im pretty sure its a sign from God.

    I get 4-5 signs from God a day from Palmetto State Armory, once you get on their list they hit you with their daily deal emails like Ike Turner on a bender.

  93. Your mom is a dry aging bag.

  94. In other news, apparently Jeb! doesn’t carry his cell phone on him at all times.


  95. “Your mom is a dry aging bag.”

    That was good.

  96. Oh yeah, those palmetto hoes are always dangling their wares in my direction. Sadly, I admit to having partaken on numerous occasions.

    Going to try my hand at the Air Marshall shooting qual this weekend for shits n giggles.

    Had a top shot last weekend. 0.95 from holster. Not shabby for a “old” guy.

  97. Never stick your dick in Kamala Harris a democrat.

  98. Speaking of Palmetto, I am getting some of their ammo for my birthday. At some point, we need a 2nd amendment celebration at the RFH Proving Ground.

    Niece continues to improve. O2 is 96; it was 93 when they released her, so it was worse than that when she went to the hospital. Got a pic of her outside in the sunshine.

  99. Restaurant is continuously cited for best Red in NM. I understand enough Spanish to know they don’t want my business. They have really good Red. Dan refuses to eat there. Mary & Tito’s

  100. Of all people. Of ALL PEOPLE to be making some fuckin’ sense.

  101. I have a great deal of respect for Russel Brand. He may be on the left, but he often makes good sense. I watched him on a Joe Rogan podcast some time ago. He has a good head on his shoulders.

  102. Honestly, it has to be the British school system. So many times when I see people being held strictly to account, it’s a brit grabbing them by the earlobe.

  103. He also has first hand exposure to a society that has fucked itself and is honest about it.

  104. I’ll second HS, I’ve heard Russell Brand say some really intelligent, thought provoking things. Especially as related to addiction and mental health, because he’s been down that road and knows it well.

  105. I’m going to a football game. I don’t actually like football, but my son is playing in the band, so I’m here to support, and I have a really thick book. But they are 14-year-olds and I don’t expect high quality. Still, it’s my kid, so I’m sure I’ll love it.

  106. MJ you should be here. This is horrible.

  107. You’re a good dad, Sobek. My mom not only went to the games, she volunteered in the concession stand. Might have been to pass the time, but she was there when a lot of other parents were happy to let someone else do the work.

  108. Thanks, Roamy. Mrs S was shocked when I said I wanted to go to the game, but it’s because I want to listen to the band play Smoke on the Water. And Sir Duke, apparently, which I’m curious to hear, because I don’t know how that could possibly sound good.

  109. You can do it, Car In. I believe in you. Is it a Ragnar?

  110. Holiday, by Green Day. Nothing says “angsty anti-war punk” quite like a high school band arrangement.

  111. Paula went to a game where her friend’s daughter is cheering. Mainly because her friend has cancer and is living on borrowed time. I’m honestly surprised she’s still here 2 years post diagnosis

  112. Worst high school band arrangement I ever played was Jabba’s Palace song. No one knew what the hell we were playing.

  113. Best was either “25 or 6 to 4” (we had a great brass section) or “Na Na Hey” (audience participation).

  114. My mom always worked the concession stand because she couldn’t stand the thought of watching her Jimmy possibly getting hurt. All my teammates used to tell me they loved hearing my dad yell at the refs with his Irish brogue which I didn’t hear because I was a. playing and b. it was something I heard all the time

  115. When the world goes mad, the madmen suddenly become prophets.

  116. “25 or 6 to 4”

    We played that in junior high band. Great song.

  117. Yes. 17 miles done. My next leg is 8.7 and is up and down every mile. Plus it’s supposed to rain/ storm. After that I have a 6.7 then a 3.2. Pray for oso

  118. Praying for Oso. My wife’s cousin used to work for Ragnar, so the one I ran and the two she ran were free. The one she did without me, they were in the mountains and got snowed in. She showed me a picture that looked like the battle of Stalingrad.

    I ran through Napa Valley, and it was amazing. So much fun.

  119. I want my kid’s team to win, but they are destroying the other team. I hope the opponent team can get some points so it’s at least closer. I feel bad for these kids.

  120. I watched a movie years ago, don’t remember the name, about Jews escaping Denmark to get away from the Nazis. It was an interesting story, I never knew about that part of WWII, but the problem was that the following scene played out over and over again:

    Jew:. I need to get on this bus.
    Dane: sorry, I can’t help you.
    Jew: please!
    Dane: okay.

    I mean, it’s really cool that the Danes were willing to risk so much to help the Jews, but it doesn’t make for compelling cinema.

  121. Kiddo’s team just returned a kick-off for a touchdown. I genuinely feel terrible for the visitors.

    Our team is 3-0 for the season, the others are 0-3.

  122. Pass interception and touchdown for our team. We’re now up 26-3, with 10:21 left in the second quarter. I’m actively rooting for the other team, just out of a sense of compassion.

  123. The music is good quality, so that’s cool.

  124. MJ you should be here. This is horrible.
    Strip club?

  125. 35-3. Ugh.

    One of the kids on the home team is named Taco.

    Touchdown, now it’s 41-3. Still two minutes in the first half.

  126. some of the palmetto deals have been pretty damn good.

    i’m think about putting 2 more together – just because.

    the more practical side of me is saying send the $ on consumables.
    i’ve got enough durable goods probably

  127. Just like Jimbro’s dog!

  128. sobek your kiddo’s team doesn’t have a bench they sub in?

  129. No clue, Jam. I would guess they do. There’s a lot of kids down there.

    Hey, the band is playing Sweet Caroline. I love this song. Bum bum bum!

  130. Isn’t there a “slaughter rule” for games like that? Or is that only in the employees’ leagues? We always sat in the stands and rooted for the other team so that we could hurry up and get to the pizza joint before all the tables were taken.

  131. I don’t know if we have that rule out not, TiFW.

    Other team is definitely stepping up in the second half, but still no points other than a field goal at the very beginning of the game. They’re from a really small town, and don’t have nearly as many kids on the team. It looks like a 2-1 ratio.

    Kiddo just played The Final Countdown.

  132. Final score is 48-3. Our team did send in the second string quarterback at one point, so at least he got some playing time. He made some good plays, too.

    No Sir Duke.

  133. My son came for a visit this weekend. I am so sad. He told me he got the Pfizer jab back in May. I hope he won’t cave to boosters.

    I feel stuck in a dystopian nightmare. Alone.

    Walmart is paying $14/hr for day stockers. I may apply..
    1. As a distraction….
    2. Possible get the covid crap over with…
    3. Not as much stress as cake decorator job which hasn’t gotten any better…

    4. for company.

  134. In Italy, government is telling companies not to pay the unvaxxed.

    In NZ…could face 6 months in jail.

    Something seriously wrong is going on in the world and it’s not all hysteria.

    To top it off the chigger bite on the back of my knee won’t got better after I started using some neosporin..then it rubbed open again upon sitting on the sofa …and my post hysterectomied parts are beginning to annoy. Will probably have to make a drs appt which is just as annoying. TMI and I don’t care.

    When I went back to check, farm supply did not have the ivermectin listing.

  135. m
    “25 or 6 to 4”
    We played that in junior high band. Great song.


    Can confirm.

  136. Beasnanansnan, don’t feel alone. Many of us feel as strongly and are as frustrated. You are right. You’re not crazy. Your common sense is screaming at you. Fear is from the effing devil and it has gripped the country. Hold fast good person.

  137. Hahahaha listening to Sobek be in band/football hell.

  138. David explicitly requested pie.

  139. I was told that there would be punch and pie.

  140. I stand with our darker skinned brothers and sisters with regards to the white devil jab.

  141. And I don’t really have a reason other than stubbornness and trusting my immune system.

  142. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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