MMM 521

Reminder: gee mail my name if you want in on Secret Santa this year, cut off is Dec 2.

Minimalist underwear set.

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2022 BBF Championships – Round 2

Hello, and welcome to the 2022 Big Boob Friday Championships – Round 2

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MMM 519

And here we are, Ides of November and all that jazz.

Living a balanced life, at least in one sense.

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MMM 518

And here we go, the eve of the Blood Moon Election is upon us.

Front skwatz.

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2022 BBF Semi-Finals Round 5

Hello, and welcome to 2022 Big Boob Friday Semi-Finals Round 5.

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MMM 515

Still got a lingering cough. Would have liked to sleep more, but that’s not in the cards.

Sunrise or sunset?

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MMM 514

Still dark here at 730am, but I’m about as far west as “east” gets in timezone terms. Another couple of weeks and the kids will be going to school in the dark.

Looks sunny there.

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