No Smoke Without Wire

Please observe the excellent art of David Ball.

Region capture 23

Region capture 22

Ball paints in S.F.

Region capture 21

Region capture 20

He has a cat.

Region capture 19

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MMM – Keep leon’s streak alive edition

Hi there, sports fans! J’Ames here, filling in for my buddy, who is probably busy in his office playing video games (driving remote cars, uh huh, likely excuse). I can’t let leon let his streak end, so I’ll be poating today.


She can lift heavy things. 25# doesn’t sound like much, but try doing those squats for a minute straight.

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The End is Nigh or Something

So, there’s supposed to be a lunar eclipse or a supermoon or a blood moon or all three tonight. I think the gist of it is that the moon is supposed to blow up or some junk. I’m not sure, but Roamy could probably blind you with the science behind it. That is, if the moon wasn’t fake. Anyway, these guys wrote a song to celebrate the occasion:

More moon facts below the jump:
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Sniiiiiifffff….ah, freshness!

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Sāturni diēs


Hello Bros, Hoes, Joes, and Roamy, welcome to Big Boob Friday.

I skipped to 1 minute 24 seconds to avoid the intro movie garbage…or you know you could just ignore this NSFW song. Whatever.



I couldn’t figure out how to work these in and I’m old and tired.

Bebe Pepe

Bebe Sox

Bebe Uniball

Your model for today is British, so she’s got some fucked up teeth, acts slutty and has big boobs, naturally. She’s an actress who’s been on British TV soaps since she was 10 years old and is a bit of a chameleon with her hair color, which I like. She’s been gif-ed here a lot but never featured until now. Born August 7th, 1990 in Bury, Greater Manchester, UK, she stands 5′ 3″ and 125 lbs, 37DD-25-36, please get off my back long enough to welcome Helen Flanagan!

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Server LIfe

Side work. The bane of servers.


There is NOTHING you can do when this happens – but the old dude is pretty much never going to give you a good tip.


Actually – I need a shirt for when I’m waiting on a table and the table in my view interrupts me for something stupid.




No explanation necessary for this.


We’ve been over this before …


A table stole one of my most FAVORITE MUTHAFOCKING PENS a few weeks back and I was pissed for hours. There is NO FUCKING WAY they thought that pen was theirs. It was SILVER and said MOTOR CITY BATTERY COMPANY on it.  Ugh. I’m getting mad all over again. I gave it to them by accident (I never hand over my favorite pens to guests) and paused for a second at my mistake but thought “That nice old couple won’t steal my pen.”



Usually I can eventually figure it out. Sometimes I cannot.


I’m baaaack.    In my (sorta) absence I’ve been getting a fukksize amount of stuff done around the house and finally finished book 5 of GoT.   I want to kill that asshole author.   Seriously?

THORSDAY (whew – quick edit since I forgot)


Wire and Ice

Cut a path for Li Hongbo.

Region capture 3

Li sculpts with paper using over 8000 sheets with glue to make a bust, and 20000 sheets for a figure.

Here ya go, Jay.

Li’s art is full of sheet.

Region capture 9

here’s a trippy video of his sculptures in motion.

He’s a creative to say the least.

Region capture 8 Region capture 7 Region capture 5 Region capture 4

Li shows around the world, so keep yer eyes open.

Region capture 6

Li Hongbo.  b 1974 China

Region capture 10

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