Let Down

Rep Weiner talks about distraction. He’s got nuthin’ on this guy.

Yep. Best to teach ’em early.


*Lemon Trees on Mercury

Memorial Day 2011

Thank you to all you who served – present and past, here and gone, but hopefully always remembered and appreciated by all. Without you, our republic could not have stood.

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Pjmomma and Ed Gruberman

Hours and hours in the car with this song playing on a loop. . .

Saturday Post

Big Boob Friday™

Hi and how are you and what’s going on and oh that’s great, nice to hear it.  I’m short on time because I was a 12-headed jackass last weekend and the early part of my week consisted of me trying not to choke on liquefied organ vomit.  And I’m heading out of town soon for some fun.

Here is a picture of Newt trying to make up with conservatives after his Meet the Press fuck up.  Asshole.

Today’s musical interlude has earworm potential so fucking watch yourself.  And you can click out of the stupid dialogue boxes.  Yo Leroy!


Since the Research Department is short on time, lucky you, POTPOURRI OF PAST HOT CHICKS!!

On this day throughout history, nothing happened except these things.

*  in 1837, “Wild Bill” Hickok was born.

in 1894, author Dashiell Hammett was born in Maryland.

*  in 1907, the Bubonic Plague broke out in San Fransisco and then cured teh full blown AIDS.

*  in 1911, Vincent Price was born in St Louis.

*  in 1935, Lee Meriwether was born in Los Angeles.

*  in 1933, Walt Disney’s “Three Little Pigs” was released.

*  in 1937, San Francisco’s Golden Shower Gate Bridge was dedicated.

*  in 1969, Walt Disney World construction began.  If you don’t love that place, you’re an asshole.

*  in 1994, the Flintstones live action movie opened in theaters.

*  in 1997, Marv Albert pleaded innocent to charges of sexual assault.


Everyone have a great weekend and please keep PattyAnn in your prayers.  You’re all good kiddos like that.  And I always suspected that Cathy was a Saint and not an actual human.  It’s nice to have that confirmed.


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Silent Pontifications

So, I was walking on the beach this morning, just getting in touch with my feelings.

catching up on my correspondence;  ya know, texts, emails and such…

Wondering how grandma was getting along with that gift card I sent her…

and trying to remember if I left the door open for the dog.