HHD – Birthday edition

I have new respect for those who do the HHD and BBF posts.  I was looking for the poster I had in college of a very nice-looking man wearing nothing but a towel in front of a fogged-up mirror.  How the hell do the search terms “sexy towel man” bring up Fran Drescher?!?  Also, there are way too many pictures where the guy is trying for the smouldering look and just looks cross-eyed.  NNTTAWT.

First up this morning is a redhead for Car in. 


I waffled between the one with the nice smile and the one where he’s shirtless but has the goofiest look on his face.  Redheads don’t do much for me, give me a brunette.  Especially one who doesn’t mind me messing up his hair.

Andrea Dovizioso Shirtless

More after the break…

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I’m Avatarded


I thought I knew who my friends were. I guess I was wrong. I had NO IDEA there were people here who were unhappy with my avatar.

It’s been my avatar for two years. It fits. It matches my screen name. It brings me warm fuzzy memories. It is a comfort on a cold night. I guess that doesn’t matter to you people.

So. What should I replace it with? Help choose an avatar for me. The winner will receive something. Probably a dead skunk, but something nonetheless.

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means?

Yeah, me neither.


I’ve never heard of this movie or any of the people in it. That’s probably because it’s about the least memorable day of the week.

In fact, this day of the week sucks so hard that the only notable band (a one-hit-wonder, at that) with Tuesday in its name won’t even let you embed their video about domestic violence.

Now, if I was a certain Rascal-riding someone, I’d probably put up a video from the Stones or the Moody Blues that had today’s name in the title of the song.

(Okay, if I happened to be that guy, I’d probably just quote the lyrics from one of those songs in the comment thread at some point when nobody knew what the hell I was talking about.)

But, just to show that I’m not against the classics, here’s a little something to show that not all Tuesdays have sucked…

‘Cause Few Things Are Funnier…

…than screw-ups on Live Television.

I’ve only seen a handfull of episodes of this show, but when a gaffe or accident occured, I always found it funneh. Not to mention the really bad dialogue, and yes, hammy acting. That said, they are professionals, and for the most part, they soldiered on.

Monday Morning


Hello and Goodbye, Max

I have gone back and forth about doing this but I decided to do it for two reasons.  First, you are all my true friends, not the fake internet kind.  And second, there is someone that I want you to meet.

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Old jokes

The exchange about Lewis Grizzard and “that dawg would bite yooouuuuu” got me thinking of a thread of just the punch lines of jokes.

And because no poat is a real poat without something funny, here’s a few more protest signs:




Unions are teh Suck, Exhibit # 235,276,897

It was recently announced that Pratt & Whitney, a huge manufacturing company and employer here in CT since 1925,  is about to close it’s plants in the state and move it’s entire operations to Georgia.  The reason?  They were finding that cost of running manufacturing plants in the Northeast is cost prohibitive in the extreme.  Fer realz?

P&W is extremely dependent on defense contracts.  They are one of the 3 largest aero-engine manufacturers in the world.  Of course, with our new post-turtle-in-chief running the show and cutting many of the defense programs upon which P&W depended, the need for P&W to cut costs has become even more critical.  There have been on-going discussions and negotiations (including huge concessions offered by the state), but to no avail.  About 1,000 people in CT are going out be put out of work by the P&W move, which, of course, has been  portrayed in our local media as the bad guy in this whole situation.

Saturday,  a story was printed on the front page of my local paper with the headline “Pratt’s offer:  Was it serious?”   It seems that P&W was willing to stay in the state if the union employees  agreed to a 14.7% pay cut over two years at one plant and 5.3% cut at other locations for 4 years.  The union rejected the offer.  So P&W is pulling chocks.



Can’t say I disagree with their decision.

Of course, they paper rushes to the nearest Dem politician, as well as a “professor of management” from Qunnipiac University to get some pertinant quotes for their latest 2-minute hate article.  However, I don’t think the story really had the impact on me the reporter was hoping for. 

A few interesting tidbits from the article:

A) The machinists were making, on average, $85,000 per year.  WTF?????  $85k to run a damn fabricating machine?  That fact right there pretty much undermined any sympathy I might have had for theses guys, if it weren’t for one thing.

B) The Union never allowed their members to vote on  the offer.  According to David Cadden, a professor of management at Quinnipiac University and, in my opinion, total dolt, said that

had the union put this to a vote and it was rejected by the membership, Pratt & Whitney would have claimed that it tried and would have blamed the failure on the union.

Well gawrsh, Professor Cadden, I wonder how anyone could have gotten that idea???  How about you try this one for size instead, you fuckin tool:  The union didn’t want to allow their members to vote on this because they knew full well that their members would have more than likely approved taking the pay cut, thereby saving their jobs, and the union would have proven itself to be nothing more than a bunch of disgusting leeches who’s only goal is the preservation of their own cushy jobs as disgusting leeches.

Of course, the local Democrat State Rep, who I’m postive has never taken a dime in supporty from the union, Elizabeth Esty, was quick to place the blame on the super-evil executives at P&W and take advanatge of the situation to push the disgusting concept of the giving the federal government control over how much someone should be allowed to make.

Esty said the issue puts a spotlight on a discussion that needs to occur on the federal level about executive compensation for such companies such as Pratt & Whitney  that do business with the government.

So let me see if I got this right, Ms. pathically shallow and stupid, probably not deep in the pocket of the union Esty, you support the union workers basically raping P&W by making well above the national average for a machinist, as well as more than double the average worker in CT, with nary a peep about having the feds setting any limits on their wages, but you want that same federal government to be able to set limits on the executive’s pay.  Well, I guess since the workers control the means of production…… wait a minute here!  Where have I heard that before? 

Comrades, I ♥ Capitalism!!!  Honest!!
Comrades, I ♥ Capitalism!!! Honest!!

I hate unions.  It goes all the way back to when I got my first job in a grocery store.  I was supposed to join the union after 1 month on the job.  5 months later, they picked up on the fact that I never joined and I was immediately forced to join.  Of course, that meant pulling initiation fees, as well as 5 months worth of back dues, from my next paycheck.  After 32 hours of work that week, I took home a paycheck of exactly $1.67.  Of course, I did not recieve the automatic raises that, were I a union member from the start, I would have been eligible for.  No one in my union even bothered to return my calls about this.  I learned a very important lesson at 16.  “Son, we got your money, now go away and leave us alone.”  I decided that day that I would never take another job that required that I join a union.

So fuck you, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Local 1746-A.  Nice job on watching out for the soon-to-be welfare recipients you totally fucked over,  you fucking creeps.  In a fair an honest world, each and every one of you fucking bastards would be behind bars, getting repeatedly fucked up the ass by each and every inmate there.  But worse than you pimps are the fucking whores in the Democrat party who are more than willing to do your bidding for your money and support. 
The only thing that is worse that this whole fucking situation is that I am sure that most of the people who are about to be unemployed voted Democrat.  Fucking fools.  Maybe this will open their eyes. 
But I doubt it.

Where I Have Been…

This week, I got caught up in playing at Rutherford Lawson’s Blog. He’s a liberal who can sometimes make a cogent defense of his conclusions and positions, but what made it interesting this week were some discussions with HippieProf about the Constitution. That conversation, conducted with a few other commentors, is set to spill over to another blog I set up earlier this year and then didn’t use, The Sunlight Room. If you want to participate, please keep it civil, and jump in.

The Hostages – Stalker edition

Good morning, peeps!  You get the very finest investigation talent that a hangover from two crappy beers can get.

First of all, we have Sox, who has been trafficking in Mexican catnip mice.  Careful of that coffee this morning.

bad trip

Then we have Pupster, out making a late night run to his favorite store.

dog store

I couldn’t find Cyn, but I think I found a friend of hers in AZ.


And we always know where to find you-know-who, hanging out with his friends, too.

with stupid

Y’all have a good day.