A Collision Course



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What the hell have you been doing all day?!

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Big Boob Friday

Hi. As you know, the lawyers from Gortons are trying to shut this mother fucker down. Apparently some asshole has been linking, and constantly referencing their number one selling product. But we’re not going to take it. Nay, we’re not going to take it. We’re not going to take it….anymore.



Today’s BBF model, in addition to teaching kindergarten, likes to suck down 40s, poor a little out for her homeys, smoke whole turkeys, practices cross fit 3 times a week, gardening, and perform avant garde interpretations of Shakespeare’s tragedies. She stands 5 feet fat, weighs in at an impressive 69 inches and would you like to beware the booty….please put down your bottle of Hennessy and put your hands together for Miss Moe!!!!!!!!!!


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Dues must be in by Tuesday

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Yes No Yes Yes

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MMM 137: Happy thoughts to get you going

Minimal text today. Really minimal.

But, happy thoughts.
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That’s right….still alive…

So it occurs to me that I haven’t posted anything in……well…a really long time.


So I’m overdue.


What to post…what to post?


Oh! Sarah Palin doing the ice bucket challenge…in a silk shirt. Quite the screamer. That’ll work to start.


Actual content?  Yeah, I’ve got none.


Here, enjoy yourselves.