Monday Motivational Muscle

I don’t feel all that up to a lengthy preamble this week, so this’ll be one of those short, content-light, phoning-it-in MMM poats. I’ll add a couple of extra pictures to make up for it. That’s like 2000 extra words, so it’s fine.

So my wife and I have been watching season one of Once Upon a Time. Snow White is cute, but not like this gal.
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Some Sunday Stupid

Less content, but still more filling.


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Plum Tree Planted

Time for flowers.

Texas doesn’t have a long growing season.  It has two short ones.  Gotta get moving.

Also, faggots who don’t like horticulture, fuck you very hello.

IMG_0833 (330x440)

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Sciency Saturday

Rocketboy and Mini-me are competing in the Science Olympiad today, but that doesn’t stop me from digging in the funneh folder to find something to make you smile, perhaps even LOL.
When I saw this, I immediately thought, “I need to post this for Mare.”

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Big Boob Friday

Hello assfaces. This week features a sooper wicked deal. You get two fetishes for the price of one. Will one of those fetishes rhyme with fanny and conceal a special present for your squeekhole? The answer is no, no it will not. Sorry to disappoint you, perverts.


Before we get started let’s listen to some music. I didn’t write this, but I think its very cool. Compared to the over produced, auto-tuned, craptastic crap out there these days, it was refreshing to be turned on to some stripped down British soul. Thanks FIGF!!


Today’s model comes from Japan. It is an island on the other side of the world where everyone lives in the middle so that it doesn’t tip over. FU, gravity! Her name is Miri Hanai, and she has been featured on this POS blog before. This time, she packs a sooper dooper double fetish of being from Japan and in a schoolgirl uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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