Mega MMM 500

I can’t believe it either. This means that BBF must be old enough to vote.

She fills that dress nicely.

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MMM 498

It’s June already? Where did the time go?


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MMM 497

No Memorial Day content planned from me other than my invitation to remember those who passed in service to the nation, and that the nation they died for will surely be lost without that same courage invigorating us here at home.


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MMM 496

Getting close to the 500th. I should, like, do something special for that one.

Nice hat.

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MMM 490

Howdy folks. Last week of Lent, remember to repent and stuff.

A fitness meme.

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MMM 489

Poked myself with a fork and felt pain, so I ain’t done yet.

Pour yourself one of these and buckle up, it’s Monday.

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MMM 488

It’s Monday… again.

That’s not an ankle weight, I think. Looks like a whole weighted vest strapped to her calf.

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MMM 485

How is it already March? Hope your Lent is going well.

Posing or stretching?

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MMM 482

Happy St Valentine’s Day. Martyred for performing marriages, and we remember him with pink cards with little stylized hearts on them and boyfriends keeping the floral industry afloat.

I’m tired.

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Green Grass and High Memes Forever

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